Additional Online Resources for Teaching


Orienting a new student to your clinic
An interactive guide, using several video clips demonstrating effective and ineffective strategies for orienting a new student to your clinic (by Jennifer Christner, M.D., University of Michigan)

Clinical Teaching Simplified
This 17 minute video provides a simple, efficient and effective method of teaching medical students and residents in clinical settings. It is ideally suited for community-based physicians or clinical faculty who teach students or residents but are not "professional" educators (by Christopher White, MD, Medical College of GA

Thinking Like a Doctor
An overview of how doctors think and implications for teaching medical students (by Christopher White, MD, Medical College of GA)

One Minute Preceptor
The 5 tasks of the one minute preceptor are demonstrated in this instructional video (by Matthew Eberly, MD, USUHS)

Teaching Tools
Instructional video on various methods to teach medical students "on-the-fly" (by Matthew Eberly, MD, USUHS)

Direct Observation
Guide to performing direct observation of medical students' history-taking, examination and communication skills (by Matthew Eberly, MD, USUHS)

Evaluation and Feedback

Ask-tell-ask feedback process developed at Columbia University
(by Andrew Mutnick, M.D.)

The Rhythm of RIME
Overview of the use of the RIME mnemonic for learner evaluation (by Matthew Eberly, MD, USUHS)

Giving Feedback

An instructional video for faculty on how to deliver feedback to improve learner performance. (by Matthew Eberly, MD, USUHS)