International Association of Medical Science Educators
Winter 2019 Webcast Audio Seminar Series

The Learning Environment in Health Sciences Education

The 2019 winter series of the IAMSE webinar program will focus on the role of the learning environment in health science education. The
significance and importance of the learning environment is based on the assumption that a poor environment is associated with poor student performance, burn-out and stress. Numerous reports of students experiencing increased levels of unprofessional behavior and
mistreatment on the part of faculty, residents, staff and other students have raised concerns about student well being, professional development, and accreditation requirements. As a result, a major emphasis on the part of health science educators today is to evaluate
the learning environment, identify areas of concern, and take measures to address these issues.

The goal of this series is to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring a positive learning environment across health sciences education and to provide examples of systems and programs that have addressed this issue in an impactful manner. The introductory session will discuss the challenges in developing a conceptual framework for the learning environment, current limitations in measuring the learning environment, and initiatives designed to improve the learning environment. The remainder of the sessions will examine the current state of affairs in a variety of different health science settings. A panel will discuss these issues from the perspective of osteopathic, nursing and physician assistant educational programs.

We will gain insight into the issues and research being conducted on the global learning environment from some selected schools outside of the United States. We will explore the learning environment in graduate medical education (ACGME) and will conclude with an in-depth practical approach of how one medical school created a robust system to monitor the learning environment which will include case studies. It is anticipated that at the end of the series the audience will be more in-tuned with the importance of maintaining a healthy learning environment and be better equipped with practical applications for theireducational programs.

All sessions take place Thursdays from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, MedEd 201. To view remotely, contact teaching/ for login details.

January 10Overview and Introduction of the Learning Environment

Larry Gruppen, PhD

January 17The Learning Environment: An International Perspective

Sean Tackett, MD, MPH

January 24The Learning Environment During ResidencyJohn Co, MD
January 31Learning Environment Panel featuring discussions from Osteopathic, Nursing, and PA perspectivesLuke Mortensen, PhD; Cindy Anderson, PhD; Karen Hills, MS, PA-C
February 7System and Case StudiesDan Harrington, MD

For more information, including session descriptions, visit the IAMSE Development Webinars webpage. Please contact with any questions.