International Association of Medical Science Educators
Webcast Audio Fall 2018 Seminar Series

Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education: Technology in the 21st Century

As 21st century medical education continues to transform into an interactive, learner-centered framework, technology has emerged as a valuable resource to aid in this transformation. The Fall 2018 IAMSE Webinar series explores the role of multiple technologies in supporting and guiding the evolution of 21st century medical education. This series begins with a primer on how to effectively use technology to “flip” the classroom and reduce lecture time. This is followed by a session that probes the role and utility of instructional design in the development of Health Science courses. Harnessing the teaching potential of social media and identifying “responsible use” policies is the topic of the next session. The following presentation explores the “future of learning” through educational applications of virtual and augmented realities. The series closes with a comprehensive review of learning analytics and their applications to medical education. Upon completion of this series, participants will be better able to identify educational technologies and resources to assist in aligning medical education programs with 21st educational needs and values.

All sessions take place Thursdays from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, MedEd 201. To view remotely, contact teaching/ for login details.

September 6They Say "Flip" and We Say "How High?" How Technology is Answering the Call to Remove All Lectures

Jill Jemison

September 13The Role of Instructional Design in Health Science Course Development

Christopher Malmberg, Olga Slasten LaPlante, Wendy DiBrigida

September 20Using Social Media as an Educational ToolKatherine Chretien
September 27Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Medical EducationDoug Danforth
October 4Realizing the Promise of Big Data: Learning Analytics in Competency-Based Medical EducationStan Hamstra

For more information, including session descriptions, visit the IAMSE Development Webinars webpage. Please contact with any questions.