International Association of Medical Science Educators
Webcast Audio Fall 2017 Seminar Series

Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education – Global Challenges and Solutions in Health Professions Education

The Fall 2017 IAMSE Web Seminar Series takes on an increased international flavor as presenters review health professions education around the world each with unique challenges and solutions. The goal of this series is to foster the exchange of ideas in the community of health science educators. Continuing with our longitudinal focus on competency-based-education, the series begins with an overview of medical education in Canada with an emphasis on the initiatives of the International Competencies in Basic Medical Education (ICBME). From the Far East, we will hear a presentation on Chinese medical education (World-China initiative) which places an emphasis on primary care in China. A panel will provide an overview of the European model of health professions education from globalization of education to global healthcare. Another presentation will explore medical education challenges and solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. The series will conclude with a session focusing on an integrated model of medical care: childhood disease prevention in South America. At the end of the series the audience will be able to identify global challenges and solutions to medical education that may provide valuable perspectives at the local level.

All sessions take place from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm in the Medical Education Center, Room 201.

September 07Competency Based Medical Education Around the World

Jason Frank

September 14The Future of Family Medicine: In China

William Burke

September 21Globalization of education to global healthcare overview of European modelJen Cleland and Meabh Bhuinneain
September 28Medical education in Sub-Saharan AfricaQuentin Eichbaum
October 05An integrated model of medical care: childhood disease prevention in South AmericaMichelle Grunauer

For more information, including session descriptions, visit the IAMSE Development Webinars webpage. Please contact Randi-Lynn Crowther (802.656.3123) with any questions.