Apply for Membership


Application Process

  • Preparation and submission of a TEACHING PORTFOLIO
  • Rigorous, criteria-based peer review by 
    • Internal Executive Committee and
    • External Review Team (consisting of members of established Teaching Academies at other institutions)
    • Submit your Teaching Portfolio to by the spring or fall deadlines (Protégé application submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis). Note: if you do not receive a confirmation email, please follow up.

Teaching Portfolio

  • Electronic template is available (see Resources)
  • Mentors are available to assist with portfolio development
  • Portfolio workshops will be held to assist in completing the Portfolio: June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7. For more information, contact
  • Portfolio will be linked to Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure process

Application Submission

Application submissions are accepted and reviewed twice a year. Spring deadline, April 1st. Fall deadline, October 1st. 

Protégé application submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Those accepted will be welcomed into the Academy outside of the regular Spring and Fall review process.


Member Renewal

Member Renewals are requested every five years. You may choose to renew at your current membership level or take this opportunity to apply at a higher level. Renewals are accepted and reviewed twice a year. Spring deadline, April 1st. Fall deadline, October 1st. 

Renewal Packet Requirements

To renew at the same level, please provide:

  • A completed Member Renewal Cover Page (See Resources)
  • A brief statement describing your contributions to the Teaching Academy and ideas for future participation and service. Please note 3-5 highlights of what you are most proud of in the past five years relating to the educational scholarship domains you chose in your Teaching Academy portfolio using evidence from your CV and addressing the Quantity, Quality, and Engagement of each. *If you find that your educational scholarship domains have changed, please make note in your statement.
  • Up-to-date CV.

    To renew at a higher level of membership, please provide:

  • Updated portfolio application, including cover letter and updated CV in standardized LCOM format. *You have the option to build on your existing portfolio file or download the updated file. If you find that your educational scholarship  domains have changed, please be sure to make note of it in your statement of intent.
  • Resources


    Word PDF

    Application Checklist

    Word PDF

    Teaching Portfolio

    Word PDF

    Letter of Support Template

    Word PDF

    Standardized CV Format

    Click here

    Teaching Evaluations Table Template

    Word PDF 

    Teaching Portfolio Example - Protégé


    Teaching Portfolio Example - Master Teacher


    Green Sheets Correlation

    Word PDF

    Member Renewal Cover Page