Apply for Membership

Application Process

  • Preparation and submission of a TEACHING PORTFOLIO
  • Rigorous, criteria-based peer review by 
    • Internal Executive Committee and
    • External Review Team (consisting of members of established Teaching Academies at other institutions)
    • Return your Teaching Portfolio to Randi-Lynn Crowther by April 1, 2017.

Teaching Portfolio

  • Electronic template is available via web
  • Mentors are available to assist with portfolio development
  • Portfolio workshops will be held to assist in completing the Portfolio
  • Portfolio will be linked to Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure process
  • Completing a Portfolio will aid tremendously in completing your 'Green Sheets'

Application Submission

Application submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed twice a year.



Word PDF

Letter of Support Template

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Teaching Portfolio

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Application Checklist

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Green Sheets Correlation

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Teaching Portfolio Example - Protégé