What We Do

Communities know what they need; in fact, no one knows better. Our job at the Community Engagement and Outreach Core is to brainstorm, initiate, guide, and support research that addresses community priorities. Our Community Engagement Research Navigators serve as community ambassadors to advance community-engaged research in northern New England. Whether you are a community member, an advocacy or non-profit group, or a researcher, we look forward to working with you!


The goals of the Community Engagement & Outreach Core are:

  • to support communities in identifying their unique priorities for research and then help them share those priorities with investigators, healthcare organizations, and stakeholders
  • to build a robust structure supporting engagement between communities and investigators
  • to engage investigators in research to reduce health disparities and inequities across communities in our region
  • to foster a culture of research that recognizes and welcomes community stakeholders' expertise across the translational research spectrum
Green infographic showing CEO Core as a bridge connecting community partners from 4 main groups: State Governments, Community-Based Organizations, Healthcare Organizations, and Academic & Research Institutions

How to Get Involved

Our mission is to address community-specific issues. So, whether you are a researcher looking to partner with communities in your project or you are a community member, service provider, or stakeholder interested in partnering with a researcher, talk to us! Check out our resources below!

Community Advocates

... are citizens and interested partners who represent community interests, including:

  • Community centers & libraries
  • Legal & justice system representatives
  • Local health centers & clinical providers
  • Local politicians & community leaders
  • People & patients with lived experience
  • Public health, social service, & healthcare representatives
  • School, afterschool, & youth development officials

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CTR Investigators

... are research and other investigators registered with
the NNE-CTR including:

  • Clinicians & Researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Faculty & staff
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Masters of Public Health programs
  • Medical, graduate, & undergraduate students
  • Northern New England Practice-Based Research Network

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Become a Member!

Membership is free. All NNE-CTR members have access to our services and support. Learn more about NNE-CTR membership and join today.


Please email us with any questions or for help accessing services.




Our Team

Jan Carney headshot

Jan Carney, MD MPH
University of Vermont
Core Lead

Kathleen Fairfield, MD MPH DrPH
Core Co-Lead

Charles Maclean headshot

Charles MacLean, MDCM, FACP
University of Vermont
PCBRN Liaison

Neil Korson headshot

Neil Korsen, MD
PCBRN Liaison

Nancy Kaplan headshot

Nancy Kaplan, MS
University of Vermont
Rural Navigator

Carrie Sullivan headshot

Carrie Sullivan, MPH
Rural Navigator


Elizabeth K. Woods, Ph.D.
University of Vermont
Rural Navigator

Emma DayBranch headshot

Emma DayBranch, MPH
Rural Navigator

Lisbeth Weirda headshot

Lisbeth Balligan, MPH
Research Program Director