How We Support Community Members

We seek to elevate the community voice and shared expertise in every aspect of research. We strive to promote the development of research projects that acknowledge and support the expressed needs of our current and future community partners. We would love to work with you to learn about what your priorities are and how we can help address them.

Rural Research Navigators:

  • Act as an external consultant across parties with shared goals to promote alignment
  • Build relationships between community members and academic researchers
  • Communicate community needs and interests to NNE-CTR investigators
  • Conduct community needs assessments to help identify specific needs and develop targeted plans to address them
  • Convene regional community-academic councils to promote research partnerships
  • Educate and support community members interested in participating in research
  • Organize meetings and collaboration between community members and NNE-CTR investigators
  • Partner with community members and researchers to secure grant funding for community priorities

You can contact our Rural Research Navigators with any questions, ideas, or more by filling out this form.


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