Citing the NNE-CTR

When to Cite Us

Investigators are required to cite the NNE-CTR in publications, posters, and presentations of research which:

  • were supported wholly or in part through funding from the NNE-CTR
  • list authors who used resources, services, or facilities supported by the NNE-CTR
  • utilized manuscript review and/or editing services provided by the NNE-CTR

Below are some examples of conditions under which you would be required to cite the NNE-CTR:

  • A member of the research team had a consultation with our Research Navigators
  • The project utilized manuscript review and/or editing services provided by NNE-CTR staff
  • The project was funded at least in part by pilot project or other award funding through the NNE-CTR
  • The project used technologies provided through the NNE-CTR
  • A member of the research team accessed trainings provided through the NNE-CTR on methods necessary to complete the research

How to Cite Us

We recommend the following statement be included in acknowledgements and citations but recognize that modifications to accommodate journal or funding source format may be necessary:

  • "The research reported here was supported by grant U54 GM115516 from the National Institutes of Health for the Northern New England Clinical and Translational Research Network."

In addition, as per NIH policy, investigators funded through the NNE-CTR must assure that final peer-reviewed publications are publicly available through PubMed Central no later than 12 months after official publication date. During this process, be sure to link the publication to the NIH grant number U54 GM115516. The following guide can walk you through this process: How to Get a PMCID (.pdf)

*Any project using NNE-CTR services and/or resources is required to cite the NNE-CTR, regardless of investigator membership status.*


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