What We Do

The Translational Research Technologies Core provides all NNE-CTR members with support for clinical and translational research through access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Through our partnerships with core facilities at MaineHealth (MH) and the University of Vermont (UVM), the highest quality current technologies are at your fingertips. The Core also provides any interested members with education and guidance about current and emerging technologies relevant to their research objectives.

The goals of the Translational Research Technologies Core are to:

  • support biomedical and translational research with integrative approaches
  • expand education, training, and outreach on emerging tools for our region
  • provide a coordinated infrastructure of shared research resources across our institutions and communities


Our Services

Through the Translational Research Technologies Core, members have access to all of the research facilities listed below. Click on the images below to explore and learn more about our available tools and how they can advance your research goals.


a clickable button that reads Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting, CBSR UVM
Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting, & Cell Analysis, MH
a button that reads Mass Spectrometry, UVM
Molecular Phenotyping Core, MH
a button that reads Proteomics Facility, CBSR UVM
Proteomics & Lipidomics Analysis Core, MH
a button that reads VT Integrative Genomics Resource, CBSR UVM
Viral Vector Core, MH


a button that reads Center for X-Ray Crystallography, UVM
Histopathology Core, MH
a button that reads Microscopy Imaging Center, CBSR UVM
Microscopy Core, MH
a button that reads MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging, UVM
Small Animal Imaging Core, MH

Tissues & Organisms

BioBank, MH
a button that reads BioBank, UVM
a button that reads Genomic Medicine Laboratory, UVM
Mouse Transgenic and Genome Modification Core, MH
Physiology Core, MH

Research Services

a button that reads Biostatistics Unit, UVM
a button that reads Instrumentation & Model Facility, UVM
Research Laboratory Services Core, MH
UVM VT Advanced Computing Core

Our Team

Frances Carr headshot

Frances Carr, PhD
University of Vermont
Core Lead

Aaron Brown headshot

Aaron Brown, PhD
Core Co-Lead

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