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At the Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research Network (NNE-CTR), we inspire and nurture great ideas and new relationships that improve the health of all the residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Through collaborations with an expanding network of academic institutions, health care organizations, and local community stakeholders, we leverage innovative strategies and technologies to address healthcare challenges unique to our region. To do that, we offer financial and research-related resources tor investigators and community members who share our vision of eliminating health disparities and inequities across our three states. Together, we transform research and health infrastructures to create a healthier society.

For examples of some of our work, visit our Pilot Projects Program page, and read about the NNE-CTR's rapid response to the COVID pandemic here.

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Join us as, together, we inspire the development of the best research and use it to help build healthier communities right here where we live, work, and dream.


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"When the NNE-CTR Pilot Program became available with a really generous amount of money, this was the opportunity to blend what I know will work with some funds to make it happen."

- Dr. Alexa Craig, Maine Health

"The big message (from) this study and where it leads is that if you have chronic lung disease, you have to be that much more vigilant about indoor air quality."

- Dr. David Kaminsky, UVM