The Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research Network (NNE-CTR) provides a foundation for research impacting the health and healthcare of our unique region. Our team offers financial and research-related resources for investigators and community members who share our vision of eliminating health disparities and inequities in northern New England. From pilot project funding to professional development to research development expertise, we serve as a bridge connecting researchers, clinicians, and interested community members with the resources they need to successfully pursue meaningful and impactful clinical, translational, and community health projects.


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Explore the jobs available at MaineHealth, Maine Medical Center Research Institute, or the University of Vermont, or check out some of our specific listings below.


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ACTIV-6 Study >>

ACTIV-6, working together to help people with COVID-19 feel better faster. Click to visit their website.

"When the NNE-CTR Pilot Program became available with a really generous amount of money, this was the opportunity to blend what I know will work with some funds to make it happen."

- Dr. Alexa Craig, MH

"Under the NNE-CTR, we joined forces with Maine and New Hampshire, and we now have a picture of rural America, of rural EMS. The CTR allowed us to get together with all 3 states to collaborate on making EMS in rural regions better."

- Dr. Daniel Wolfson, UVM


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*based on data through December 2021