Important Work Starts Here

The Administrative Core is the hub of the NNE-CTR. We connect all of our cores, institutions, and community partners across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine into one cohesive network. The result is an unparalleled wealth of expertise in clinical and translational research that we use to address local health challenges.

As a multiple Principal Investigator program led by Drs. Cliff Rosen and Gary Stein, our network is leveraging decades of clinical and translational experience to guide network organization and engagement across northern New England.

What We Do

We carry out three essential functions: 

Oversee Network Operations

  • Advise core leads in producing the best possible services for our members
  • Coordinate operations of all cores
  • Meet with Advisory Groups to inform network operations
  • Translate Tracking & Evaluation Core data into lessons learned and best practices for network improvement

Increase Engagement & Services

  • Connect people with shared research interests and health priorities, fostering national and international partnerships
  • Find and advertise funding opportunities for our members
  • Organize seminars, regional meetings, retreats, and newsletters to engage and inform our network
  • Serve as the bridge between our members and regional, national, and international resources and programs

Promote Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Create innovative communication strategies to help bridge the gap between research and rurality
  • Ensure CTR research and community engagement activities represent the diversity of our region
  • Leverage Tracking & Evaluation Core data to track DEI activity within each core and ensure we're meeting our objectives of promoting diversity and enhancing health equity
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Our Team

Cliff Rosen headshot

Clifford Rosen, MD
Principal Investigator

Gary Stein headshot

Gary Stein, PhD
University of Vermont
Principal Investigator

Thomas Gridley headshot

Thomas Gridley
Program Coordinator


Renee D. Stapleton, MD, PhD
University of Vermont
Translational Research Coordinator

Sheila Clifford-Bova headshot

Sheila Clifford-Bova
University of Vermont
Program Manager

Meredith Oestreicher headshot

Meredith Oestreicher
Program Manager

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Please email us with any questions or for help accessing services.