Laser Capture Microdissection

Laser Capture MicrodissectorThe Arcturus (Life Technologies) XT-Ti Laser Capture Microdissector system is used for specifically removing desired cells from a tissue section for subsequent molecular analysis. The Laser Capture Microdissector includes both gentle infrared cell capture and rapid ultraviolet laser cutting. Cells are captured automatically using an interactive pen-display monitor and trackball-actuated stage. The microdissector is integrated onto a Nikon Eclipse-Ti inverted microscope, equipped with 2X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses. Fluorescence illumination is accomplished with a Lumen Dynamics X-Cite lamp module with liquid guide. Fluorescence cubes for uv excitation (325-375nm Ex/420 Em), blue excitation (450-490nm Ex/515nm Em), green excitation (510-560 nm Ex/590nm Em), and red excitation (590-650nm Ex/663-738nm Em) provide the ability to microdissect and capture fluorescently labeled cells within tissues. A second ccd camera has been added to a side port on the microscope for high resolution acquisition of brightfield and fluorescence images. Tissue sections can be microdissected from plain glass slides, PEN membrane coated slides, and framed, coated slides.

Mouse Aorta    Mouse Aorta premicrodissection    Mouse aorta post microdissection

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