Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force MicroscopeMFP-3D-BIOTM Atomic Force Microscope by Asylum Research is mounted on Olympus IX71 inverted microscope that resides on a Herzan AVI 350-S Active Vibration Isolation Table which dynamically dampens the most extreme vibrational disturbances; and the system is totally enclosed in an air tight state-of-the-art BCH-45 Large Acoustic Isolation Hood with air temperature control capabilities. The closed looped system allows investigation of dry or hydrated biological/materials surface features at very high resolution to include dynamic 3D visual analysis, force curves, optical (fluorescence and phase) image overlays precisely registered over AFM topographical information; plus advanced modes such as nanomanipulation(s), nanoindentation(s), Dual AC and more. The system software modules are written in Igor Pro, an integrated program by Wavemetrics which provides very advanced features for visualizing, analyzing, transforming and presenting experimental data.

Papers published from the MIC:

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AFM Annexin 5 image and force map

Features include:

  • AFM head mounted on Olympus IX71 inverted microscope with
    combined optical integrations to include bright field, phase contrast
    and Epifluorescence.
  • Allows investigation of biological/materials surfaces at high resolution.
  • Real3DTM Imaging enabling three dimensional views of image data in real time while scanning.
  • High resolution imaging of environmentally controlled hydrated specimens.
  • AC mode (Tapping mode) with complete control of attractive
    (non-contact) and repulsive (intermittent contact) modes for soft
    biological specimens.
  • Independent lateral (X-Y) and vertical (Z) positioning components to eliminate crosstalk uncertainties.
  • Z range of up to 40µm enables imaging cells and tall samples.