Transmission Electron Microscope

Transmission Electron MicroscopeThe JEOL 1400 Transmission Electron Microscope is a high-contrast, high-resolution instrument utilizing a LaB6 filament, and capable of operating at accelerating voltages up to 120 kV. It incorporates a newly designed electron optics system which is optimized for integrated use with a digital ccd camera imaging device. The instrument is controlled via the “TEM Center” graphical user interface operating environment, with redundant manual operation afforded by two conveniently located control panels. The image orientation system allows image rotation at multiple angles, and specimen stage movement is achieved with a precision trackball device. Software modules (JEOL Electron Microscope Navigation Interactive Engine: “JENIE”) provide step-by-step video tutorials covering instrument operation and alignment, especially useful for novice operators. Image acquisition provided by an AMT XR611 high resolution 11 megapixel mid-mount ccd camera. This camera is positioned near the normal film plane of the TEM affording a wide field of view for image capture. Moreover, the mid-mount configuration displays virtually no TEM distortion.


TEM image of kidney tubule   TEM image of muscle


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