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JUly 06 - 19, 2020 (summer Schedule)

The WeeklyWire is an official communication tool of the Larner College of Medicine. Student feedback led to its development and continues to inform iterative improvements. All non-curriculum-related email communications are directed through the Wire to help support manageable email inboxes for our students; it's your one-stop-shop for all med school happenings outside of the classroom! Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Student Education with any questions.

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Welcome to the new "Community Wellness" section of the WeeklyWire! Be sure to review this section for any announcements regarding student wellness! If you ever have any questions about this section, it's postings, or any wellness topics, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Student Well-being, Dr. Lee Rosen.

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Recently added to our ongoing LCOMcares Service Corps COVID-19 Initiative Resource Document:

Messages of Solidarity - We Stand with the LGBTQ Community: Outreach was incredible last week; the love and support for the LGBTQ community was truly witnessed as we reviewed emails and resources sent our way over the weekend and on Monday morning, in response to a Wire-post advertising JK Rowling's newest children's book. Thank you, our incredible medical students, for all you do for our Larner community and beyond. If you missed it, please review our follow-up (including some links to helpful resources)...

COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacts Racial & Ethnic Minorities: The impact of COVID-19 on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) continues to be much greater than on other groups. Racism is a risk factor for dying of COVID-19.

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UVM Events under COVID-19:
Events should be hosted remotely where and when possible to support our current shelter-in-place recommendations. UVM campus will limit any events/group gatherings to no more than 10 people, physical distancing should be practiced at all times (6 or more feet apart), and hosts should always provide a remote attendance option
Please be familiar with the UVM COVID-19 information & resources.



  • MON, July 06 - TUE, July 07No UVM/UVMLarnerMed community events posted for these days.
  • WED, July 08:
  • THU, July 09:
  • TUE, July 14: No UVM/UVMLarnerMed community events posted for this day.
  • WED, July 15:
    • Pediatrics Grand Rounds - “Food for Thought: The Pediatrician’s Approach to Promoting Healthy Eating”: 07/15, 8-9am, via Zoom.
  • THU, July 16: No UVM/UVMLarnerMed community events posted for this day. 
  • FRI, July 17:
  • SAT, July 18 - SUN, July 19: No UVM/UVMLarnerMed community events posted for these days.



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No SFS postings submitted for this issue.

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  • THESE TWO WEEKS - National MS Society is offering a Virtual MS Clinical Mentorship Program Free Didactic Webinars*: to raise awareness of the challenges experienced by people with MS and to generate interest in a career in MS care.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE - SNMA Membership/Committee Chair Positions: 07/15 application deadline. Are you interested in becoming a member or taking up leadership at LCOM Student National Medical Association (SNMA)? If you are interested in engaging with projects, initiatives, and outreach...


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The Nocturnists - "Black Voices in Healthcare"*: New audio documentary series, Black Voices in Healthcare, is finally here (releasing new episodes each Tuesday)! So much to explore about what it means to be Black in healthcare, but for episode 1, "Again," The Nocturnists wanted to honor the grief of this historical moment...

New Green Mountain Medicine Episode Released - "The Power of Pulmonary Prehabilitation" (GMM Episode #10)*: Released 06/18. In this episode, Matt and Dylan interview Dr. Garth Garrison on the utility of pulmonary prehabilitation for patients undergoing elective surgery in a post-COVID19 world. Read more about this episode and/or contact one of the host's, Matt Tsai...

The Nocturnists - Stories from a Pandemic Finale (for now...)*: Recently released "Mourning," the season finale of Part 1 of their "Stories from a Pandemic" series; each clip from the episode has been added to our interactive story map, which shows the geographic breadth of your voices...

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If you receive feedback from students and put that feedback into action, please let our student community know; submit postings/updates to Medical Student Services by 7am, on Fridays. Postings are reviewed by the Office of Medical Student Education Medical Education Leadership Team on Mondays for inclusion in an upcoming issue of the WeeklyWire. Community members can also view our database of current and past “You Said, We Did” submissions, in the Learning Commons.

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PLEASE NOTE - Temporary Summer WeeklyWire Schedule: During the summer, the WeeklyWire becomes the "Bi-WeeklyWire" and is issued every other week for the June 22 - August 02 issues.

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Housing Opportunities

Graduate students are highly sought tenants in the Burlington area and property owners often advertise specifically to them with special rates (less than would be offered to undergraduate students); thus, the Office of Medical Student Education pulls together a list of housing opportunities posted specifically for this group, so you don't miss out on a good deal. Moreover, medical students also try to keep good spaces "in the family" and are known to post to this list. Please contact the Office of Medical Education if you have any questions.

Don't hesitate to ask the contact if they would consider lowering the advertised rate to secure a graduate student; it never hurts to ask!

Lost & Found

Lost something? Email the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE) a description of the item. OMSE and the Dana Medical Library recently joined the UVM campus-wide lost & found system and search not only the College of Medicine, but campus as a whole to see if it's been turned in. If it hasn't, the office can file a claim for the item should someone turn it in soon!

Found something? Please turn it into either the Office of Medical Student Education (Given Courtyard n100) or the Dana Medical Library (First floor of the Medical Education Center) and we will be sure to log it into the Campus-Wide Lost & Found Database.

Found items are kept up to 30 days, and then are donated to various local organizations depending on the item.