Course Directors

(in order by course sequence)
Christa Zehle, M.D.Orientation(802) 656-0722
Shaden Eldakar-Hein, M.D.
Professionalism, Communication and Reflection(802) 847-7911
Stephen Everse, Ph.D.Foundations of Clinical Science(802) 656-8271
William Raszka, M.D.Attacks and Defenses(802) 656-2296
Rebecca Wilcox, M.D.Nutrition, Metabolism and Gastrointestinal Systems(802) 847-9447
Dennis Beatty, M.D.Doctoring in Vermont(802) 847-6341
Deepak Gupta, M.D.
Neural Science(802) 489-6886
Deborah Cook, M.D.Connections(802) 656-0406
Jan Carney, M.D., M.P.H.Public Health Project(802) 656-8275
Laurie Leclair, M.D.Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Systems(802) 656-9400
Rachel Humphrey, M.D.Human Development & Reproductive Health(802) 847- 7400
Patricia King, M.D., Ph.D.Convergence(802) 847-8354
(in alphabetical order)
Candace Fraser, M.D.Family Medicine(802) 847-2055
Martha Seagrave, PA-C, BSN Family Medicine(802) 656-3350

Louis Polish, M.D.

Jason Bartsch, M.D.

Medicine - In-Patient(802) 847-8310
Roberta O'Brien, M.D.Medicine - Out-Patient(802) 847-8354
Timothy Fries, M.D.Neurology(802) 847-4589

Elise Everett, M.D.

Erin Morris, M.D.

Ob/Gyn(802) 847-3850
William Raszka, M.D.Pediatric(802) 656-2296
Jeremiah Dickerson, M.D.Psychiatry
(802) 847-8294

Meredith Collins, M.D.

Lois Fabricant, M.D.


(802) 847-3340

Required Advanced Integration Courses
(in alphabetical order)
Garth Garrison, M.D.Acting Internship in Medicine(802) 656-3525
Sarah Schlein, M.D.Emergency Medicine Selective(802) 847-2434
Eileen CichoskiKelly, Ph.D.Scholarly/Teaching Requirements(802) 656-6177