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The WeeklyWire

Created in response to student requests to limit the number of messages sent to “class of” email distribution lists, the Office of Medical Education (OME) coordinates announcements and presents aggregate information in the WeeklyWire. The WeeklyWire is the Larner College of Medicine’s primary communication tool for all communication to the student community for non-curriculum-related content. The latest issue is live on the OME website and the office sends a link to the issue along with most of its contents to the student community via email every Sunday (some holiday and summer scheduling exceptions). Students who do not read official notices sent in email are not excused from responsibility for email contents, including all WeeklyWire content.

- Medical Student Handbook Policy 940.00 - Official Communication

Surveying Medical Students

Per our Medical Student Handbook Policy 958.00 – Surveying Medical Students, “All survey links will be distributed from the email account dedicated to survey research. For each survey, an email will be distributed to students with the relevant information, with a reminder to be sent one week later. Surveys will be scheduled in two-week blocks.” We will not run surveys in our weekly newsletter to the students. Please contact the Director of Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment with any questions.


The Office of Medical Education no longer hosts a special housing list. Students and property managers can explore housing and/or advertise housing via the UVM Off-campus Housing site...

Have a summer opportunity that you would like to advertise to our Larner medical students? Please consider also submitting the opportunity for inclusion in our student database resource (in addition to advertising it in the Weekly Wire!)

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Deadline for submissions is 3:00 PM EST, on Thursdays, for inclusion in the upcoming Sunday issue. Exceptions due to holidays, closures, and breaks will be posted under the FYIs section of the WeeklyWire.

Please feel free to contact Medical Student Services with any questions.