Vermont Integrated Curriculum

Level 1 - Foundations

Level 1 is the foundation of the educational program and features the development of fundamental science knowledge and clinical skills in a clinically relevant context. Initial courses in the fundamentals of medical science are followed by a series of organ system-based courses.

Level 1: Foundations
Y E A R   1

(1 week)

Foundations of Clinical Sciences
(18 weeks)

(2 wks)

Attacks & Defenses
(6 weeks)

Nutrition, Metabolism, & Gastrointestinal System
(8 weeks)


(1 wk)

Medical Neuroscience
(9 weeks)


Summer Vacation
Professionalism, Communication & Reflection
(42 weeks)
 Doctoring in Vermont
(29 weeks)
 Public Health Projects
(19.5 weeks)


Level 1: Foundations
Y E A R   2

(3 weeks)

Cardiovascular, Respiratory, & Renal Systems
(8 weeks)

Human Development & Reproductive Health
(7 weeks)

(4 weeks)

USMLE Step 1 Exam Preparation & Completion
Doctoring in Vermont
(29 weeks)


Highlights of Level 1 - Foundations

  • Leadership Development - Professionalism, Communication & Reflection- encourages professional development through collaborative group learning activities linking personal experience, cultural awareness, leadership topics, and concurrent VIC course content.
  • Clinical Skills - Doctoring in Vermont - allows students travel to a community preceptor's office and practice examination and interviewing skills under direct supervision.
  • Community Engagement - Public Health Projects -are carried out in Vermont communities and enable students to apply the principles and science of public health to these needs in the community.