Internal Funding Opportunities & Pathways

REACHGME Teacher of the Year & CME Teacher of the Year awards (2 individual awards)Internal Grant Program (IGP)

Department of Medicine Pilot Grant Award



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SPARK-VTJunior Investigator & Senior Investigator of the Year Awards (2 individual awards)Bridge Support Program (BSP)

Wohlgemuth Fellowship

Faculty Activity Network (FAN)2 Research Grants at $50,000/yearHealth Services Research Pilot Grant AwardsEureka
OVPR Express2 Education Grants at $25,000/yearFrymoyer Scholars ProgramGrant Review Program
UVM-Industry Fellowship Program (UVM-IFP)UVMHN Safety & Value GrantLCOM/CEMS Biomedical Engineering Pilot Research ProgramCatalyzation for Grant Competitiveness Funding
 UVMMC Medical Center FundNew Methodologies in Basic ResearchDOM Early Career Professorship - 2021


 Bridge Funding