Clinical Competency Committee

Committee Mission:

The mission of the Clinical Competency Committee is to ensure that the graduates of our training program have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide excellent patient care and to promote quality and improvement in the health care system.  The Clinical Competency Committee meets a minimum of twice yearly to assess resident progress towards independent practice using the Milestones as a platform. This committee is responsible for issues pertaining to resident promotion, remediation and dismissal.  The committee is also responsible for preparing a complete summative evaluation report, based on a review of all available evaluations, for each resident semi-annually. 






Halle Sobel, M.D. Committee Chair
Jason Bartsch, M.D.
Ryan Clouser, D.O.
Christine Farnham
Eric Ganguly, M.D.
Frederike Keating, M.D.
Mark Pasanen, M.D.
Andrew Hale, M.D
Val Cherry
Benjamin Depo, M.D.
Kevin Qin, M.D.
Matt Gervais, M.D.