Program Evaluation Committee

Committee Mission:

The Program Evaluation Committee meets 1–2 times per month.  This committee actively participates in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating all educational activities of the program.  This includes reviewing and making recommendations for revision of competency-based curriculum goals and objectives.  It also includes addressing areas of noncompliance with ACGME standards and reviewing the program annually using the evaluations of faculty, residents and others. This culminates in an annual report which summarizes a systematic evaluation of the curriculum and renders the official written Annual Program Evaluation.



M. Pasanen, MD - Chair
J. Powelson

E. Wahlberg

K. Wahlberg

S. Wayne

A. Kumar

B. Rigby

Sundas Khan

B. Depo

D. Correa De Sa

E. Strout

S. Eldakar-Hein

A. Hale

E. Riser

M. Barry

J. Bartsch

E. Ganguly

R. McEntee

H. Sobel

K. Parker (Program Admin)

C. Farnham (Program Admin)