UVM Department of Medicine Grant Review Program

The Department of Medicine (DOM) offers funds to solicit external reviews of grants slated for submission to NIH or equivalent agencies that total $200,000 direct costs or greater. The goal of this program is to improve the quality and success rate of applicants submitted to extramural funding agencies, while enriching the collaborative research environment within the Department.

Description of Program

All full-time, salaried, DOM faculty members can solicit funds ($500-$2000 depending on the size of application--$500 for individual project grants, up to $2000 for 4 independent reviews for multi-component grants, such as program project or center grants) for external review of either new submissions and revised applications. The faculty member must identify the external reviewer, obtain his/her assent to provide a review of the application within 2 weeks of receipt. The external reviews should follow the current NIH format. The faculty member must submit all materials to the DOM research committee by the necessary deadlines (see below).

Application Process

  • Contact Tina Mazuzan (tina.mazuzan@uvmhealth.org) to obtain an application to request funds for grant review, which must be completed at least 12 weeks prior to the application due date.
  • Once approved for funding by the DOM Research Committee, the grant application must be submitted to the Research Committee at least 8 weeks prior to the extramural funding agency's final submission date.
  • The grant application should include the following sections per NIH guidelines (or those specific to the mechanism/agency):  

-Project Summary

-Specific Aims

-Research Strategy



-Summary Statement (if applicable)

  • If using guidelines specific to the mechanism/agency (particularly those outside of the R01/standard NIH-style grant), please include those funding guidelines to ensure reviewers have all necessary information to review the application.
  • A copy of the review must be submitted to the DOM Research Committee in order to process payment to the Reviewer. As stated above, it is anticipated that the Independent Reviewer will complete their review and provide a summary within two-weeks of receiving the draft proposal.
  • The applications should forward the Summary Statement from extramural funding agency when available.

Further Guidelines/Details

  • Applicants undergo competitive review. Consideration is given to 1) the likelihood that an external review will enhance the likelihood for extramural funding; 2) the PI's need for the external review in the context of both the lack of available intramural expertise and the financial status of their research program and 3)  the possibility that funding of the application will enhance the collaborative research environment within the Department.
  • Applicants are limited to 2 requests for external review funds per year. Prior success/failure of applicants supported through this program will influence subsequent funding decisions.  

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Department of Medicine External Review Program

Review Process

Applications for the Grant Review Program will be distributed to all members of the DOM Research Committee, as they are received. Review of the application will occur during monthly DOM Research Committee meetings. A recommendation for funding will be forwarded to the DOM Chair.

Review Criteria

The overall goal of this program is to increase the success rate for extramural funding submissions from department faculty, with the following criteria as guiding principles for review:  

Major consideration should be given to:

a) the likelihood that additional external review will substantially enhance the applicant's competiveness for extramural funding;  

b) the need of the applicant, both from the standpoint of the necessity for an external reviewer (i.e., the absence of sufficient expertise within UVM) and the financial status of the applicant's laboratory (e.g., whether the applicant is currently or will be receiving Bridge funding through the DOM or COM); 

c) the likelihood that the application, if funded, will enhance the overall collaborative research environment within the DOM.