Faculty Engagement Committee

Committee Mission:

We are tasked with facilitating interaction between the different divisions in Medicine. We sponsor gatherings at different times of the year and encourage meeting events between divisions. Our goal is to “open up” the department, to encourage inter divisional discourse, and promote mentorship.



J. Lin, Chair
P. Menon, PCCM
K. Cheung, Nephrology
A. Teleron, Hospital Medicine
C. Noyes, ID
F. Khan, Heme/Onc
A. Gutierrez, Adult Primary Care
S. Legunn, rheum
J. Pierson, Derm
P. Gogo, Cards
M. Velez, GI
T. Stockton, Staff
I. Menzies, Adult Primary Care
Juan Perdomo Rodriquez, Endocriniology