Faculty Engagement & Communication Committee

Committee Mission:

We are tasked with facilitating interaction between the different divisions in Medicine. We sponsor gatherings at different times of the year and encourage meeting events between divisions. Our goal is to “open up” the department, to encourage inter-divisional discourse and collaboration, and promote mentorship.

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Jennifer Kelly, Chair
Tammy Stockton, Staff
Suzanne Lee, Staff
Katherine Cheung, Nephrology
Prospero Gogo, Cardiology
Alberto Gutierrez, Adult Primary Care
Farrah Khan, Hematology/Oncology
Scott Legunn, Rheumatology
Julie Lin, Dermatology
Cindy Noyes, Infectious Disease
Prema Menon, PCCM
Isaura Menzies, Adult Primary Care
Joseph Pierson, Dermatology
Amy Teleron, Hospital Medicine