Quality and Patient Safety Program


We strive to deliver the highest value, patient-centered care and to advance the scholarship of quality and patient safety (QI).  We recognize that QI is a clinical, academic and financial imperative for a safe and sustainable health care delivery system.  Our department is broadly engaged in QI - with numerous active projects across our divisions.  The High Value Care Program originating in the department is a national model for implementing high value care projects in an academic medical center. 


  • Create infrastructure and resources within the department to support scholarly QI activities
  • Develop faculty skills in QI methodology and cultivate a cadre of faculty experts in QI
  • Enhance innovation and scholarly productivity in QI and high value care
  • Align and promote collaboration in QI efforts across divisions


Divisional QI and Patient Safety Projects

Each of our divisions is engaged in QI and Patient Safety activities.  Many projects are cross-divisional and inter-departmental, and many are conducted in collaboration with the Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness at the University of Vermont Medical Center.  A curated table of current, active QI Projects across divisions is provided via the link below.

Divisional QI Initiatives


Dr. Allen Repp, Vice Chair for Quality, Department of Medicine

Presentation at Clinical Unit Directors meeting 04/25/16

Presentation at Clinical Unit Directors Meeting 5/23/16

Presentation at Clinical Unit Directors Meeting 11/28/16

Quality Showcase

Dr. Polly Parsons, E.L. Amidon Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine, co-authored an article in Academic Medicine entitled "Strategies for developing and recognizing faculty working in quality improvement and patient safety."

Dr. Justin Stinnett-Donnelly, Ms. Pamela Steven and Dr. Virginia Hood report on the organization and impact of the Department of Medicine High Value Care Program in BMJ Quality & Safety.   

Dr. Marie Sandoval and co-investigators describe the impact of the electronic health record on patient-provider connection, communication and education in the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics.

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