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Catalyzation of Grant Competitiveness Funding Guidelines

These guidelines address the Catalyzation of Grant Competitiveness Funding (CGCF) mechanism; an initiative launched to provide pilot funding for promising grant proposals that received strong impact and percentile scores during the external review process but were not selected for funding. While no formal linkage or commitment exists between this mechanism and the College of Medicine’s Internal Grant Program mechanism (which provides a 2:1 match to $50K), CGCF may be referenced as the departmental support matching funds. 

Mechanism Specifics:

Eligibility - available to Department of Medicine faculty members who meet UVM’s Principal Investigator Eligibility policy guidelines

Funding - up to $25,000 may be requested

Budget Restrictions – it is anticipated that these funds will be used quickly to address reviewer critiques and facilitate the research proposal’s re-submission.

Application Process – Principal Investigator will submit the following through their Division Director:

  • One page cover letter (see format below)
  • Budget using a standard NIH PHS 398 form
  • Biographical Sketch with updated MyBibliography section
  • Copy of the research proposal
  • Complete copy of the Summary Statement for the grant proposal

Review – the department’s Research Committee will review applications to assess the merit and feasibility of the request and issue a recommendation to the Chair

Applications for CGCF Funding Should be Emailed to Tina Mazuzan ( Using the Following Administrative Considerations:

  • Applications will be accepted on an open basis. The Research Committee meets monthly, and funding notifications should be available within one-month of receiving an application.
  • If an application is selected for funding, the project’s funding will not be released until all necessary IRB/IACUC protocol(s) have been reviewed/approved

Application Format - since applicants will not be present during the Research Committee’s review session, it is important that the request be as clear and concise as possible and contain the following elements: 

Paragraph 1 (Scope of Research): The scope of my research is to __________. This proposal received a favorable review and the pay line was (insert priority score, percentile, or not applicable). My Mentor and/or Review Panel consists of the following experts: ____, _____, and ___; each has agreed to review my resubmission.

Paragraph 2 (Budget & Budget Justification): I am requesting $_____ in CGCF to allow me to address the score and comments I received on the grant proposal I submitted entitled “title here.”

Paragraph 3 (Benchmarks): CGCF will allow me to _______. The timeline for completing this work is ____ to allow me to re-submit this proposal by DATE.


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Rev. 07/15/2016