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Business Expense Reimbursement: CME & Concur Resources

Faculty members receive funding from two sources -- the University of Vermont, and the University of Vermont Medical Center. When an expense is anticipated, contact your division's business office for assistance with the appropriate policy and procedure to facilitate processing your expense.


  • UVM Funding Source - Route through UVM channels; contact UVM resource listed below for your unit in processing guidance
  • UVMMC Funding Source - Route through UVMMC channels; contact UVMMC resource listed below in your unit for processing guidance
  • Reference Continuing Medical Education and Allotment Policy and Concur resources for further information


DivisionUVMMC ContactUVM Contact
Chair’s OfficeAllen MeadTina Mazuzan
CardiologyLinda Alexander, Ashley Lascala, Claudia Sullivan, Allison WalkerBecky Aksdal, Marlene Frank
DermatologySandi Wagner, Ellen DimickEllen Dimick
EndocrinologyBecky AccoladeBecky Aksdal, Marlene Frank
Gastroenterology Suzanne RobertsSuzanne Roberts, Tina Mazuzan
PCIM & HospitalistsSue Lee, Lisa CattabrigaMarlene Frank
GIM ResearchSue LeeSylvie Frisbie, Marlene Frank
Hematology/OncologyKatie Michaud, Denise Russell, Tina MazuzanLinda Norton, Denise Russell, Tina Mazuzan
ImmunobiologyN/AJean Hood, Pam Carter, Ashlee Brownell
Infectious DiseaseBrenda SmithBrenda Smith
NephrologyJudy Sullivan, Tina MazuzanJudy Sullivan, Tina Mazuzan
Pulmonary Maura Pierson, Gwen Landis, Jean Hood, Ashlee BrownellMaura Pierson, Gwen Landis, Jean Hood, Ashlee Brownell
RheumatologyBrenda MullenBrenda Mullen


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