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September 14 - 20, 2020

The WeeklyWire is an official communication tool of the Larner College of Medicine. Student feedback led to its development and continues to inform iterative improvements. All non-curriculum-related email communications are directed through the Wire to help support manageable email inboxes for our students; it's your one-stop-shop for all med school happenings outside of the classroom! Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Student Education with any questions.

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All UVM students (including all medical students) rotating and/or living in Chittenden County who visit/access UVM-UVMMC campus(es), must be testing weekly during their time in Chittenden County and/or attending in-person curriculum, per the UVM COVID-19 Student Testing Protocol. All surveillance testing (i.e. not acutely ill) must occur at the UVM testing center.
  • "Testing Weekly" Defined: Students should test at the Davis Center clinic 7 days from their previous test to remain in compliance. There is a 48-hour grace period, meaning you can test 7-9 days from your most-recent test without being flagged for noncompliance. Students may also test earlier (i.e. 4-6 days from their most-recent test) to ensure compliance. 
  • Clinical Students Excused for Testing: The Clinical Level course directors support this protocol. They are aware of the weekly requirement and support students to be excused from their curriculum for 30 minute weekly testing windows. Please contact your level coordinator with any questions (Jacqueline Drouin, Clerkship Level; Emma Faustner, Advanced Integration Level).
  • Updated Clinic Hours: The Davis Center clinic is open for testing 9am - 7pm, M-Th, and 9am-5pm on Fridays.
  • Securing a Test: Walk-ins are no longer accepted at the clinic. Students must schedule tests via the CoVerified app/browser-based platform.
  • UVM ID Required: Don't forget to bring your UVM ID with you to your scheduled test.
  • Reminder Re: Vermont Travel Guidelines & an UPDATE Re: day-seven quarantine test: All students must still continue to adhere to state and local health and safety guidelines, including travel and quarantine requirements. If you enter a travel-mandated quarantine and you are not experiencing any symptoms, you may now secure your day-seven test via the Davis Center clinic (counts as your weekly test, too!) and then return to quarantine; you must secure a negative test result or reach day-14 of your quarantine prior to entering the community/returning to campus.

Fully-Remote/Off-Campus Students: If you are fully remote and do not need physical access to any part of campus for the fall 2020 semester, you may apply for a COVID testing exemption or enroll in fully-remote testing by contacting studentCOMservices (if you have not already done so; clinical level students did this via a previously-issued online form). The exemption and remote testing option are only available if you are not planning to step onto campus (UVM/UVMMC) at any point, during the fall 2020 semester.

Testing Protocol Compliance: Testing compliance will be monitored. Students who fail to remain in compliance will be notified and referred to the Associate Dean for students. Noncompliance is considered an egregious offense when referencing the sanctioning guidelines. A first offense includes a $250 fine, and referral to the Committee on Fitness may be required. For a second missed test, student will be referred to the Committee on Fitness and suspension is a likely outcome.

If you receive an email and believe it is in error, please do not hesitate to reach out to UVM Strong (and CC studentCOMservices). We are here to work with you and for you and support the rigorous protocol that is in place to ensure our campus and community remain safe.


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Welcome to the new "Community Wellness" section of the WeeklyWire! Be sure to review this section for any announcements regarding student wellness! If you ever have any questions about this section, it's postings, or any wellness topics, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Student Well-being, Dr. Lee Rosen.

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Local Food Shelf Volunteer Opportunities*: Feeding Chittenden is looking for volunteers to assist with their food insecurity programs here in Burlington...

Rally Together - Volunteer at the COVID-19 Student Testing Clinic: There are several volunteer shifts available all week. Any current UVM student or employee is welcome to volunteer at the testing center. Volunteering at the testing center is a fun and SAFE way to participate in this unique chapter of UVM’s history. Sign-up via the Sign-Up Genius Page (Passcode: RallyTogether)...

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  • Choosing Wisely Recommendation of the Week(s) - Choose Wisely and WIN! Join the LCOM Choosing Wisely STARS in promoting high value care in medical education. Review this week's spotlight recommendation and enter our PRIZE RAFFLE...
    • Thanks for Choosing Wisely! The winners of this month's raffle prizes are: Shae Rowlandson, Alexa Golden, Elena Dansky, Sarah French, and Jimmy Contompasis! The Choosing Wisely STARS rep will email you with information on how to claim your prize. Don’t forget – every edition of the Weekly Wire includes another chance to win!



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STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES (Scholarships, Awards, & Finance FYIs)

Resources for Students with DACA Status*: As part of the AAMC’s ongoing efforts to support students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and undocumented status, we wanted to share a few resources you might find helpful in their search for supplemental funds...

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Remote Medical Spanish Program*: Teaching medical Spanish since 2004 in Riobamba an Andean town in Ecuador; has helped over 1500 students polish their Spanish with the purpose of providing better care to future Spanish speaking patients in the United States...



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The Nocturnists: Season Finale of Black Voices in Healthcare*: The 9th and final episode of Black Voices in Healthcare, BIRTH, is out...

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If you receive feedback from students and put that feedback into action, please let our student community know; submit postings/updates to Medical Student Services by 7am, on Fridays. Postings are reviewed by the Office of Medical Student Education Medical Education Leadership Team on Mondays for inclusion in an upcoming issue of the WeeklyWire. Community members can also view our database of current and past “You Said, We Did” submissions, in the Learning Commons.

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Housing Opportunities

Graduate students are highly sought tenants in the Burlington area and property owners often advertise specifically to them with special rates (less than would be offered to undergraduate students); thus, the Office of Medical Student Education pulls together a list of housing opportunities posted specifically for this group, so you don't miss out on a good deal. Moreover, medical students also try to keep good spaces "in the family" and are known to post to this list. Please contact the Office of Medical Education if you have any questions.

Don't hesitate to ask the contact if they would consider lowering the advertised rate to secure a graduate student; it never hurts to ask!

Lost & Found

Lost something? Email the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE) a description of the item. OMSE and the Dana Medical Library recently joined the UVM campus-wide lost & found system and search not only the College of Medicine, but campus as a whole to see if it's been turned in. If it hasn't, the office can file a claim for the item should someone turn it in soon!

Found something? Please turn it into either the Office of Medical Student Education (Given Courtyard n100) or the Dana Medical Library (First floor of the Medical Education Center) and we will be sure to log it into the Campus-Wide Lost & Found Database.

Found items are kept up to 30 days, and then are donated to various local organizations depending on the item.