Analyzer Users


  • Only previously trained researchers self-users) are allowed to operate the analyzers (LSRII and MACSQuant VYB).
  • A self-user is someone who cans start-up an instrument, is proficient in all aspects of the software of the equipment, can acquire samples, and shut-down the instrument without help from the FCCS staff or any other individual. Contact Roxana del Rio-Guerra to schedule a training.
  • Start and finish on time of your scheduled appointment. The rule is: you must get off when your scheduled time ends. It is up to the next person whether he/she is willing to yield some of his/her allotted time.
  • Billing is done in 15 minutes increments. Investigators will incur a charge for the full time scheduled if an appointment is not cancelled 24 hrs in advance.
  • All analyzer users are responsible for the proper maintenance of the instruments. This includes, but not limited to, filling the sheath fluid container, emptying the waste container, cleaning sample probe, and flushing sample line with 10% bleach-10% Rinse solution-ddH20 (4 min/each) after each use. After “sticky” dyes (propidium iodide, DAPI, Indo, etc) have been run, users must to clean sample probe/line for at least 10 min with each of 10% bleach-10% Rinse solution-ddH20.
  • If the last user of the day finishes after 4:40 PM, that user must perform the Daily Shutdown Procedure. In the event that last-signed user (after 4:40 PM) is not able to run his/her samples and the appointment was not canceled, it is a responsibility of the user to come and perform the shutdown procedure of the instrument.
  • Never leave the cytometer in RUN!


  • Please go to Samples in this website.

Data Management

  • Each user is responsible for their data (refer to Data Management in this website). This means exporting and saving data properly and deleting it from the drive. Any data left longer than a month will be deleted by the Facility.


  • Bleach, ddH2O, saline solution, Rinse solution, paper towel, and trash are provided by the FCCS Facility. Each user is responsible for providing their tubes, data storage materials, racks, pipettes, tips, gloves, and disposal of their own biohazard waste.

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