Data Management

BD FACSDiVa and MACSQuantify softwares are used for operating the LSRII and MACSQuant VYB instruments, respectivelly. All collected data are stored in the database on the local hard disk. Files with data collected by polychromatic digital flow cytometer can reach an extremely large size. Please, keep this in mind and follow these rules:

  1. Do not collect unnecessary or unwanted parameters to your data files. In order to prevent collection of unnecessary parameters you must delete these parameters from instrument settings of your experiment.
  2. Do not collect pulse height (H) or pulse width (W) parameters if you are not intending to use them for doublet discrimination or if there is no other specific reason for their collection.
  3. Export FSC files for analysis (or full experiments if you like) from LSRII database to your server lab/group directory, USB, or onto DVD (burner is installed on the computer) click here.
  4. Export FSC files and/or "mqd" files for analysis from VYB database to your server lab/group directory or USB click here.
  5. Delete saved experiments routinely and keep the number of experiments in your database folder as small as possible. The size of the database negatively influences the speed of software operation. In additon, the size of the local hard disk is limited. We are performing monthly full backups of the database and our backup volume is limited in size.
  6. Please follow these rules strictly to ensure the smooth operation of the cytometer computers and softwares and to prevent the overfilling of local or server hard disks.
  7. If you store anything but databases and protocols to a local drive this data could be deleted at anytime. Any user data found on the C: drive will immediately be deleted. We will save your data for 1 month. After that, you are responsible for maintaining long-term data storage.