Aria Users


  • Please read the Practical Cell Sorting guide.
  • Schedule an appointment with staff. All fees are based on the amount of time scheduled. Billing is done in 30 minutes increments (plus $85.00 to set up instrument). Investigators will incur a charge for the full time scheduled if an appointment is not cancelled 24 hrs in advance.
  • The user is required to specify the “gating strategy” of the sorting with FCCS staff. It is responsibility of the FACSAria user to specify the correct cell population to be sorted.
  • The facility is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Talk with Facility Manager if sorting beyond these hours is required.


Data Management

  • Please provide to Facility Staff a flash drive at the time of sorting to copy all relevant information:
    • Instrument Status Report: Contains the report of the instrument setting at the time of sorting: Sheath pressure, flow rate, lasers used, and set up values.
    • Sort Report: Contains the sort set up values, precision mode, masks definition, threshold count, processed events count, electronic conflicts count, time, counter values per sort destination, etc.
    • Batch analysis of pre-sort and post-sort population.
    • FCS (3.0) files of all samples, including compensation controls (if applicable).
  • Any data left longer than two months will be deleted by our staff.


  • We provide sterile conditions for sorting (if required). Please bring all samples ready and prepare. We do not provide sterile hood to work in.
  • Each user is responsible for providing their tubes, data storage materials, racks, pipettes, tips, gloves, and disposal of their own biohazard waste.