Rates and Appointments


UVM researchers:

$40.00/hour (analyzers)

$85.00/hour (sorter)

Non-UVM researchers:

$125.00/hour (analyzers)

$125.00/hour (sorter)

For full list prices, please click here.

All fees are based on the amount of time scheduled. Analyzers (LSRII and MACSQuant VYB) have a minimum charge of 15 minutes, and cell sorting has a minimum charge of 30 minutes (plus $85.00/set up). All scheduled time will be billed. Billing is done in 15 minutes (analyzers) and 30 minutes (cell sorter) increments.

Appointments and Cancellations

Use of instruments require an appointment. To schedule an appointment, LSRII and MACSQuant VYB users should consult the FCCS-calendar (in HSRF 305-307) and/or call the FCCS Facility (802/656-8742). Sorting time on the FACS AriaIII has to be arranged directly with the Facility Manager. Cancellations must be made 24 hrs. in advance. Failure to do this will result in charge for the full time you scheduled.