How to start at the FCCS Facility

Fill out a New FCCS-User form and e-mail to Roxana del Rio-Guerra

Analyzer users:

  • To become an analyzer (BD LSRII and MACSQuant VYB) self-user: Schedule an introductory training. Self-users require approval by FCCS staff.
  • Analyzer self-users: Schedule an appointment (FCCS calendar in Given C316)
  • Analyzers by a FCCS operator: Discuss your flow experiment with FCCS staff and schedule an appointment. It is the responsibility of the investigator to provide a good quality sample as well as any necessary compensation control tubes.

Aria users:

  • Please read the Practical Cell Sorting guide.
  • FACS sorter users: Prior to your sorting appointment investigators must meet with the FCCS staff to discuss your flow experiment and sorting strategy. For new users we highly recommend that you schedule a design meeting prior to setting up your experiment. Staff can adviseyou on the best approach to get you the purity and yield that you require, can recommend inclusion of necessary controls, and can review the sort logic with you.
  • Fill out and return the Sort Request Formand FCCS Biohazard Sort Form to the Facility Manager (Roxana del Rio-Guerra) prior to running samples. Sorting will be only conducted if these forms are on place 48 hours before your scheduled sorting.


UVM researchers:

  • $40.00/hour (analyzers)
  • $85.00/hour (sorter)

Non-UVM researchers:

  • $125.00/hour (analyzers)
  • $125.00/hour (sorter)

Rates & Appointments