Academic and Clinical Excellence

The Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families is housed within the Department of Psychiatry and encompasses research at the University of Vermont, patient care at The University of Vermont Medical Center, and information for Primary Care Providers in the State of Vermont.

The Center brings together faculty, staff and trainees from psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, and genetics to fulfill our multiple missions of helping children and families with psychiatric illness, training the next generation of clinicians in integrated family based health promotion approaches, and performing critical research on genetic and environmental influences of important emotional and behavioral disorders of childhood and adolescence.

Physician and patient

Patient Care

The VCCYF's maintains a busy clinical service that considers risk and protective factors and the emotional health and behavioral health of the entire family when designing our multi-modal treatments. We use a Family Based Approach because all of the child psychopathologies are influenced by genetic factors, environmental factors and their interaction. Parental psychopathology can affect the environment in which that the child is raised.

Neuro Imaging


The VCCYF is active in research activities funded through the NIH, the State of Vermont, and national and international collaborations. Areas of research include genetic influences on developmental psychopathologies in children, determinants of adolescent exercise behavior, how genes, environment and life course impact child self-regulation, the neuroimaging correlates of mild TBI, and developmental pathology, the relation of temperament and child psychopathology and the effects of early trauma.


Our Partners

We actively collaborate with colleagues in the Vermont Children Health Improvement Project (VCHIP), The University of Vermont Medical Center, and partners around the country and world in a variety of projects. We have a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training program along with a clinical psychology predoctoral internship program to train more clinicians in our family based approach. We welcome you to explore our website further.

Department of Pediatrics

Department of Psychiatry

Our Mission Statement:

Through the use of health promotion, prevention, and intelligent intervention we strive to use the Family based Approach with a long term goal of helping the well remain illness free, preventing at risk children from developing psychiatric illness and intervening comprehensively on behalf of the children and families challenged by emotional or behavioral disorders.

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James J. Hudziak, M.D.

James J. Hudziak, M.D.
Director, Vermont Center for Children Youth & Families