Faculty & Staff

Thomas Achenbach, Ph.D.Professor, Psychiatry(802) 656-2629Email | Bio
James Hudziak, M.D.VCCYF Director
Professor, Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics
(802) 656-1084Email | BioLab
William Copeland, Ph.D.Director of Research, Professor, Psychiatry (802) 656-1283 Email  Bio
Andrew Rosenfeld, M.D.Director, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry(802) 847-4563 Email Bio
Yasmeen Abdul-Karim, M.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email   Bio
Robert Althoff, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Pediatrics (802) 847-4563 Email | BioLab 
Jeremiah Dickerson, M.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email | Bio 
Sarah Guth, M.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email 
Allison Hall, M.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email | Bio 
Michael Hoffnung, D.O. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email | Bio
Masha Ivanova, Ph.D.  Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Psychology (802) 656-2796 Email | Bio 
Cynthia LaRiviere, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email | Bio 
Ellen McGinnis, Ph.D. Post Doc Associate, Psychiatry (802) 847-0107 Email  Bio
Haley McGowan, D.O. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email Bio
David Rettew, M.D.Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Pediatrics(802) 847-4563Email | Bio
Maya P. Strange, M.D.Assistant Professor and Director, Child Psychiatry Fellowship Program(802) 847-2224Email| Bio
Pamela Swift, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email  Bio
James Tallmadge, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry (802) 847-4563 Email | Bio 
Laura Wainer, ARPNFamily Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner(802) 847-4563Email|Bio

Molly Bumpas, MEd, CCC/SLP, BCBAAutism Assessment Clinic Email
Phoenix Crockett, BA, RYT-200Family Wellness Coach Email
Suzanne DunbarCAP Fellowship Coordinator(802) 847-5873 Email
Deshan Foret, MPHFamily Wellness Coach Email
Hannah Frering, MPH Research Specialist (802) 656-5135 Email  
Maia Hanron, MA Program Specialist (802) 656-1084 Email 
Milcah Harari, LCSWFocused Family Coach Email
Daniel MartinezPractice Support Specialist  
Kate Matthews, LCMHC, RYT-200Family Wellness Coach Email
Marie MeunierPatient Service Specialist(802) 847-8486 
Amy MorrillOffice/Program Support General(802) 656-3987Email
Jeffrey Nowlan, MA, LCMHC, LADCFocused Family Coach Email
Gretchen PileggiIntake Coordinator(802) 847-2224 
Eliza Pillard, LICSW Child Psychiatry Case Manager (802) 847-9759  Email
Lisa ShappyPatient Service Specialist(802) 847-0448  

Child Psychiatry Fellows
Aamani Chava, M.D.Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow(802) 847-4563Email
Kristina Foreman, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow(802) 847-4563 Email
Erica Marden, M.D.Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow(802) 847-4563 Email
Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Interns
Graduate Student Research Assistants
Merelise Ametti, MA, MPH  Graduate Student Research Assistant, Althoff Lab 802-656-5135 Email