Vermont Family Based Approach: Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic (PPC)

Outpatient care at The University of Vermont Medical Center and the VCCYF is provided by psychiatry residents and fellows, faculty child psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed therapists, and family wellness coaches.

The Pediatric Psychiatry clinic at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families offers child and adolescent psychiatric assessment and treatment using a family-based approach. We provide diagnostic services using both the DSM5 format and the internationally known Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA).

Due to a critical shortage of child psychiatrists both nationally and locally, there may be a wait of several months before patients can be seen. 

Referral Process

The requesting Primary Care Provider completes a consultation referral and forwards (mail or FAX) to the PPC. Once the referral is received, contact will be made and a packet of required forms will be mailed or emailed to the family. Once the packet is returned, a visit will be scheduled in the next available slot.

The patient is typically seen by a psychiatry resident or fellow psychologist, licensed social worker, or licensed therapist for a Family-Based Mental Health Evaluation. Trainees are supervised by senior clinicians. A diagnostic summary and recommended treatment plan is discussed with the family and provided to the referring provider for ongoing care. 

For more information about the referral process, informational packets, and appointments, please call our Intake Line at (802) 847-2224, or fax your referral to (802) 847-7998. Please note, there is typically a wait list so the time being scheduled for an appointment may vary.