The Vermont Family Based Approach (VFBA) is a new and innovative way of delivering healthcare. What sets the VFBA apart from other approaches is that it focuses on the entire family, recognizes emotional and behavioral health as the key aspect of health, and emphasizes health promotion along with evidence-based intervention. The VFBA is team-based.  Along with the child and family, VFBA teams comprise of Family Wellness Coaches, Focused Family Coaches, Family-Based Psychiatrists, primary care providers, and community partners.    

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Current Research Studies


The relationship between perinatal mental health and the long-term health outcomes of the offspring has been well established. The goal of our research is to take a preventative approach to children’s mental health by offering evidence-based wellness interventions in the perinatal period. Our program utilizes “Wellness Coaching” to bring health promotion (mindfulness, yoga, nutrition), illness prevention, and family-based intervention for pregnant women. Women are paired with a Family Wellness Coach (FWC) who provides education regarding how wellness activities can support mental health, collaborates with women to set goals, and coordinates resources to meet their goals.