Senior Series (Preparing for Education Loan Repayment)

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Medical Student Financial Services offers exit loan counseling via our "Senior Series" - a number of webinars, group sessions, and guided conversations tailored just for you! While the Senior Series is geared toward those in their fourth year, students from ALL levels are welcome to attend. We believe debt counseling should occur throughout your entire medical education, not just the very end.

        Click Here to View the Spring 2021 Senior Series!

No matter your cohort, you will receive important information regarding:

  • Your Loan Portfolio: Know What You Owe, Servicers, and Your Loan Types
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Repayment Plan Options: income-based, standard, graduated... so many options!
  • Refinancing vs. Consolidation (there is a difference!)
  • Mortgages for Residents and Physicians
  • Living on a Resident Salary
  • Choosing a Financial Pro
  • Return of Investment: Viewing Education Debt as a Positive

After the senior series (or at any point), you are encouraged to meet one-on-one with Medical Student Financial Services. In these meetings, we can identify your long-term goals and discuss an individualized plan so that you are confident in your debt repayment strategies.



The AAMC has a customized student loan calculator, called the MedLoans Organizer & Calculator. It allows you to enter several parameters such as residency length and training salary, and projected income post-residency. Watch the 10 minute video demo here. These parameters create the most accurate repayment scenarios compared to the loan calculators on your Servicer's website or with your Federal Student Aid login.


For married students: Are you curious about filing separately instead of jointly, for purposes of education loan repayment? The AAMC's calculator mentioned above currently does not account for this scenario, however we can recommend the following calculators via Pay for Ed's website in College Payer -

Student Loan Repayer -

Pay for Ed's calculators cost a small fee, however, you can enter the discount code LCM to receive 33% off (final price $45.00).

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Did you know?

The Education Debt Manager PDF booklet is written exclusively by the AAMC for medical students with education debt; everything is tailored accordingly! Download the latest version here.