Post-Award Support

The department's Post-Award staff provide administrative and operational support on an extensive portfolio of basic, translational, and clinical trial studies. They are responsible for overseeing the research grant life cycle process with special emphasis on the accurate reporting of financial expenditures, the implementation of standardized financial practices to ensure regulatory compliance, and facilitating an operational synergy between physicians, clinical research coordinators, and financial management staff.

Examples of post-award support include: 

  • Assist SPA in addressing post-award issues with the NIH
  • Act as a final point of contact with departmental faculty and research staff relating to post-award activity including post-award administration  of sponsored accounts and interaction with federal sponsors
  • Provide post-award coverage for divisions who do not have assigned sponsored support
  • Provided monthly financial reports to PIs
  • Meet quarterly with PIs to review financial and operational issues

Post-Award Office Staff & Areas of Assignment:  

Point of Contact Areas of Assignment
Ashlee Brownell, D305 Given, 656-9616

Immunobiology, Infectious Disease, and Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Marlene Frank, 311 Fletcher House, 847-4957

Cardiology, Endocrine, General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospitalist Medicine, & Quality

Tina Mazuzan, 311 Fletcher House, 847-1293

Post-Award Lead and Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hem/Onc, and Nephrology


Clinical Trials Administration

Monthly Financial Report Tutorial (Under Development)