Biochemistry Core

The Biochemistry Core Laboratory provides investigators with basic laboratory support and access to a well-equipped research laboratory suite. CRC personnel assist in coordinating aspects of obtaining research samples in an efficient, accurate manner. Carefully maintained quality control systems are in place for each assay or analysis.

The CRC Nurse manager can also assist investigators with special research pricing for ancillary tests that are to be done by the FAHC laboratory.  These reduced prices are available both to the CRC and any investigator who has a 960 account.

Biochemistry Core Services:

  • Assays and Measurements: Examples of frequently measured parameters (services are not limited to these):
    • Specialized extractions/processing
    • Whole blood, plasma or serum glucose
    • Whole blood, plasma or serum lactate
    • "On-Line" glucose analysis
  • Equipment:
    • two IEC refrigerated centrifuges
    • Room temperature table top centrifuge
    • -80 and -20 degree freezers for temporary storage
    • YSI model 2300 Glucose analyzer (3)
    • Micromedic Digiflex and multiple Rainin Pipetmen
    • Fume hood
    • lab bench equipped for sample processing or experimentation
    • Sartorius balance


Joan Bertolet, Nurse Manager
Office: Shepardson 261
Phone: (802) 847-4874