Faculty and Staff


NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationLab PhoneInformation
Beth Bouchard, Ph.DGiven C440A(802) 656-6529Given C440(802) 656-4069Email | Bio | Lab
Maria Cristina Bravo, Ph.DCRF 248 (802) 656-2281CRF 233(802)656-2223EmailLab
Kathleen Brummel Ziedins, Ph.DCRF 235B(802) 656-9599CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email | Bio | Lab
Saulius Butenas, Ph.DCRF 235A(802) 656-0350CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email | Bio | Lab
Stephen Everse, Ph.DGiven B418A(802) 656-8271Given B414(802) 656-4388Email | Bio | Lab
Christopher Francklyn, Ph.DGiven B401(802) 656-8450Given B403(802) 656-0345Email | Bio Lab
Prachi Ghule, Ph.DGiven E210C(802) 656-4873Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | BioLab
Jonathan Gordon, Ph.DGiven E210C(802) 656-4873Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | Bio Lab
Robert Hondal, Ph.DGiven B413(802) 656-8282Given B415(802) 656-8294Email | BioLab
Jane Lian, Ph.DGiven E210B(802) 656-4872Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | Bio | Lab
Scott Morrical, Ph.DGiven B407(802) 656-8260Given B405(802) 656-8244Email | BioLab
Thomas Orfeo, Ph.DCRF 248(802) 656-3286CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email | BioLab
Delphine Quenet, Ph.DGiven B402(802) 656-8608Given E409(802) 656-5472Email | Lab
Jon Ramsey, Ph.DGiven E213 (802) 656-3776Given E213(802) 656-3776Email | Bio
Jay Silveira, Ph.DGiven C413(802) 656-3101Given C403(802) 656-1994Email | BioLab
Gary Stein, Ph.DHSRF 326A(802) 656-6613HSRF 315(802) 656-3493Email | BioLab
Janet Stein, Ph.D
Given E210E(802) 656-4876Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | Bio Lab
Paula Tracy, Ph.DGiven B412(802) 656-1995EmailLab
Coralee Tye, Ph.DGiven E210H(802) 656-4889Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | Lab
Sayyed Kaleem Zaidi, Ph.DGiven  E210F(802) 656-4879Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | BioLab

Adjunct Faculty

NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationLab PhoneInformation
Thomas Patrick Ahern, MDGiven D317A(802) 656-3690Email | Bio
Rami Aqueilan, PhD - Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel

Pharmacy 512 


Email | Bio |Lab

Christopher Berger, Ph.DGiven E217(802) 656-0832Given E215(802) 656-5707Email | Bio Lab
Stevenson Flemer, Jr, Ph.DHills 110(802) 656-0269Email
Karen Glass, Ph.D. - Albany College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesRoom 302G(802) 735-2636Email | Bio
Jessica Heath, MDGiven B201(802) 847-2850Given E209(802) 656-4878Email | Bio |Lab
Robert Kelm, Ph.DCRF 165(802) 656-0329CRF 169(802) 656-8950Email | Bio | Lab
Sandra Lobo, Ph.D - WCHN Research Institute
(203) 739-8388Email | Bio
Linda Luck, Ph.D - State University of New York, Plattsburgh(518) 564-4119Email | Bio
Erik Ruggles, Ph.DGiven B415(802) 656-8294Given B415(802) 656-8294Email | Bio |  Lab
Joanna Schwartz, Pharm.D - Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences(802) 735-2625
Email | Bio
Brian Sprague, MD - Office of Health Promotion Research

Room 4425

(802) 656-4112Email | Bio
Stanley Stevens, Ph.D - Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences(802) 735-2634Email | Bio
Russell Tracy, Ph.DCRF T201F(802) 656-8961CRF 223(802) 656-8963Email | BioLab
Christine Vatovec, Ph.D303C Aiken Center(802) 656-2728Email | Bio

Department Administrator

NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationFax NumberInformation
Claudia GwilliamGiven C401A(802) 656-4547(802) 656-8220


Administrative Staff

NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationFax NumberInformation
Patty BosleyHSRF 326(802) 656-4874(802) 656-2140Email
Yvonne Green-PutnamGiven C401(802) 656-0334(802) 656-8220Email
Kyra LeeHSRF 326(802) 656-4884(802) 656-8220Email
Lisa MarshallGiven C401(802) 656-5561(802) 656-8220Email
Christine NorrisHSRF 326(802) 656-4875(802) 656-8220Email
Jennifer SmithHSRF 323A(802) 656-8603(802) 656-8220Email
Jillian HollandHSRF 326B(802) 656-4884(802) 656-2140Email
Judith Anne RiceGiven E210(802) 656-4880(802) 656-8220



Caitlin MaloneyGiven E210G(802) 656-4882(802)656-8220Email

Research Staff

NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationLab PhoneInformation
Joseph Boyd Given E210H(802) 656-4889Given E209(802) 656-4878Email
Maria Cristina Bravo, Ph.DCRF 248(802) 656-2281CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email
Sandi CausGiven C440(802) 656-4069Email
Kristiaan FinstadHSRF 323(802) 656-4877HSRF 323(802) 656-4877Email
James GardinerCRF 248(802) 656-2281CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email
Matthew GisselCRF 248(802) 656-2281CRF 233(802) 656-2223Email
Mila MorricalGiven B405(802) 656-8244Email
Theresa WellmanGiven B403(802) 656-0345Email

Post Doctoral


Office LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationLab PhoneInformation
Nick Farina, Ph.DGiven E209(802) 656-4878Email
Andrew Fritz, Ph.DGiven E209(802) 656-4878Email
Kirsten Tracy, PhDGiven E209(802) 656-4878Email

Graduate Students

NameOffice LocationOffice PhoneLab LocationLab PhoneInformation
Patrick Mullen
Given B403(802) 656-0345Email
Emma Ste. MarieGiven B415(802) 656-8294Email