CXCR4 IF (2)Our research is focused on translational cancer biology in the field of high-risk pediatric leukemia. We focus primarily on leukemias that are characterized by chromosomal translocations involving the AF10 transcription factor. The main thrust of our lab is the identification and testing of novel, rationally targeted therapeutics in aggressive CALM-AF10 translocated leukemias. To this end, we have identified alterations in cell-stroma adhesion in CALM-AF10 transformed leukemia cells. We are examining this from a mechanistic perspective and have identified aberrant expression of key mediators of cell adhesion in these leukemias. We have ongoing studies trialing targeted therapeutics in combination with traditional chemotherapy in these malignancies. While AF10 is involved in several leukemogenic translocations, little is known regarding its function. Our lab is taking an unbiased approach to unraveling the role of this important hematopoietic transcription factor through the use of next generation sequencing technology.


2019-Heath et al-Fig 1