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Policy Statement

The four-year Vermont Integrated Curriculum is designed to achieve six overarching competencies through sequential progression through the components: Foundations (Year 1 and Year 2), Clerkships, and Advanced Integration Levels. Specific courses and requirements are listed in The Vermont Integrated Curriculum and in the syllabi found in the Larner College of Medicine Educational Tools (COMET) Vermont Integrated Curriculum Portal (VIC Portal). Student  advancement to graduation is also dependent on passing global assessments of competency through Clinical Skills Examinations, nationally-normed cognitive examinations and United States Medical Licensing Examinations. Students advancing through the curriculum agree to be familiar with and abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures governing attendance, assessment, academic standards, academic progress, and course and curriculum evaluation.

Applicability of the Policy

All Medical Students

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  • 6.1 Program and Learning Objectives
  • 10.3 Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination


  • 7/16/2013 Policy Adopted/Affirmed [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 9/18/2018 Policy Revised Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 12/17/2019 Hyperlinks updated (UVM migration) [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 03/19/2024 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]

Policy Oversight

Associate/Assistant Dean for Students (Student Services Coordinator)

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