Cardiovascular Institute of Vermont


Pharmacology faculty members are actively involved with the Cardiovascular Institute of Vermont.

Dr. Mark T. Nelson serves as a Board Member.

Drs. Osama Harraz, Nicholas Klug, Amreen Mughal and Maria Noterman are members of the Early Career Advisory Committee

Dr. Benedek Erdos received the Inaugural Bloomfield Award, 2017-2019

Dr. Joseph E. Brayden, Emeritus is a Retired Distinguished Investigator by the Cardiovascular Institute of Vermont.


A Mission to Foster Cardiovascular Research

The Cardiovascular Research Institute of Vermont (CVRI-VT) exists to foster cardiovascular research at The University of Vermont.  As an organization, it is broadly inclusive of investigators at the University of Vermont who are pursuing cardiovascular research and includes and serves members of multiple departments. 

Our key objectives are to: 

  • improve communication, particularly across disciplines, departments, and colleges;
  • increase collaboration;
  • increase funding to support cardiovascular research; and
  • advance and highlight excellence in research nationally and internationally.

The Cardiovascular Research Institute of Vermont offers educational and networking opportunities by sponsoring Research Seminars, the Sobel and Alpert Visiting Professorships, and monthly conferences.

Junior Investigators affiliated with CVRI-VT have a number of initiatives specifically targeted to supporting their careers in cardiovascular research. Current initiatives include dedicated time during research seminars for trainees and junior investigators, travel awards, summer research fellowships, opportunities to present preliminary results for constructive feedback and preparation for grant submissions or oral presentations, and an Early Career Advisory Committee.

CVRI-VT provides internal review of and constructive feedback on cardiovascular-related grant applications and funding opportunities.