Research and the CVRI
Research in cardiovascular disease and stroke is critical to the health of the nationin the U.S., heart disease and stroke are the #1 and #5 causes of death and stroke is the #1 cause of disability. Current funding levels do not match this burden. 

At the Larner College of Medicine, the CVRI fosters cardiovascular research by bringing investigators together from multiple disciplines to promote synergy.  Two areas of focus for the institute, with internationally known faculty members, are vascular biology and cardiac muscle research.  Cardiovascular researchers have expertise in basic and clinical research as well as large-scale epidemiology studies. 

In vascular biology, we are studying a range of topics in animals and humans, from the molecule to the individual cell to the whole organism. Particularly strong areas include thrombosis, blood vessel structure and function (particularly in the brain but not limited to this), hemodynamics, and new less invasive treatments for valvular heart disease.  In cardiac muscle, we are studying the cellular and organ-based origins of disease, using molecular and biophysical perspectives, to understand and prevent disorders that reduce cardiac muscle function.  In addition, study on techniques of cardiac rehabilitation are featured.

Throughout all activities of the CVRI, we are focused on developing the next generation of scientists and a significant portion of our resources goes to financial support of this critical activity.

TwitterCVRI is Seeking a Social Media Specialist
The successful candidate(s) will manage the scheduling and posting of social media content from CVRI and from journals edited by CVRI directors. 

If you are an LCOM student, resident, or fellow interested in cardiovascular research, please consider applying.  Training and a stipend will be provided; the term of service is one year.  All content for posting will be provided; no personal opinions on CVRI or journal social pages will be permitted. Click here for more information. 

Submit a letter of interest and a copy of your CV via PDF by April 30th to

Bloomfield CVRI Early Career Award in Cardiovascular Research
This unique award, funded by an endowment from Martin Bloomfield, MD '60, provides support to early-stage, independent investigators in developing high quality, competitive cardiovascular research programs, including stroke.  The award recipient receives funding for two consecutive years ($45,000 per year) with a possibility of a third year of support.  Faculty from any UVM college who are in the initial 5 years of their first faculty appointment (assistant professor) are eligible.  The recipient for the 2017 award will be announced in mid-June. 

CVRI's Key Objectives

CVRI is broadly inclusive of investigators at UVM and exists to foster cardiovascular research.  We include and serve members of multiple departments, and our key objectives are to:

  • improve communication across disciplines, departments, and colleges;
  • increase collaboration;
  • increase funding to support cardiovascular research; and
  • advance and highlight excellence in research.


Phil Ades, MD Inaugural Endowed Professor

On December 16, 2016, Philip Ades, MD, professor of medicine, director of cardiac rehabilitation and preventive medicine, and a CVRI Distinguished Investigator, was honored as the inaugural Philip Ades, MD Professor of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.  This professorship honors the significant impact of the cardiac rehabilitation and disease prevention work performed by Ades over his more than 30-year career at UVM.  Dedicated to improving the lives of patients with heart conditions, Ades has conducted world-class research on the important role exercise can play in rehabilitation after a heart attack and the benefits of weight loss in obese coronary heart disease patients. 

The Ades Endowed Professorship was made possible by donations from Ades and his wife, Deborah Rubin, MD, and by gifts from grateful patients, family members, and the estate of alumna Harriet Dustan '42, MD '44, a cardiologist and pioneer in the detection and treatment of hypertension. 

Click here for more information.  

Mary Cushman

Editor-In-Chief for New Journal

The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) recently announced the launch of its new open access journal, Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis (RPTH), naming Mary Cushman, MD, MSc, as its inaugural Editor-In-Chief. Dr. Cushman, a member of the CVRI Board of Directors, is professor of medicine in the Hematology/Oncology Division of the UVM Department of Medicine and Director of the Thrombosis and Hemostasis Program at The UVM Medical Center.

RTPH will publish a broad array of article types covering the widest possible spectrum of topics in thrombosis, hemostasis, and related areas, including studies by multidisciplinary research groups from emerging areas of research and under-represented regions of the world as well as studies and trials covering quality of care, outcomes, and dissemination and implementation science.

Click here to visit the RPTH homepage.    

Warshaw Clerkship Lecture

Pioneering Heart Failure Discovery

More than 15 years ago, David Warshaw, PhD, and coworkers discovered the precise malfunction of a specific protein in the heart that leads to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).  An inherited disease, HCM can cause the heart to thicken and stop pumping blood effectively, leading to heart failure.  Now, a team of scientists has used some of Warshaw’s earlier findings to develop a possible therapy to prevent HCM.  Warshaw, professor and chair of molecular physiology and biophysics at UVM and a Director of CVRI, wrote about the significance of this potential therapy for a “Perspectives” column in the February 5, 2016 issue of the journal Science.  “This may offer a generalized approach to solving hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,” says Warshaw.  “I think it’s extremely promising."

Read Dr. Warshaw’s column and the report from the team of scientists.


CVRI can help connect trainees who would like to work on cardiovascular research projects with investigators doing cardiovascular research. 
Trainees - please e-mail CVRI with your research interests and we will reach out to our database of investigators.

News and Announcements

Applications for Travel Awards are now being accepted - click here for information and the application form. Your application must be received at least 30 days before the date of your presentation. 

CVRI provides internal review of grant applications to support cardiovascular research. E-mail CVRI for more information.  *NOTE: The request for internal review must be made at least 6 weeks before the submission deadline.

CVRI Annual Report

2015 AnnRep Cover

Through a summary of CVRI activities and a compilation of cardiovascular-related research and publication highlights, the CVRI Annual Report demonstrates the depth and breadth of the cardiovascular research being conducted at the University of Vermont and the UVM Medical Center. Click here to view the CVRI Annual Report for 2015.