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New AHA Hypertension publication from the Cipolla Lab and Zhoajin (Scarlett) Li, PhD, former ECAC member, finds pial collaterals dialated significantly to induced flow and shear stress, however, the vasodialation was impaired in hypertension!

New article in Research & Practice in Thrombosis & Haemostasis finds CVRI's Early Career Research Grant award program shows a positive impact on early caeer investigator applicants and peer reviewers. 

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To date the CVRI has awarded $225K in pilot grants!
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Vermont Center for Cardiovascular and Brain Health Conference
Translation of in-clinic gains to gains in daily life after stroke
Catherine Lang, PT, PhD
February 18, 2022

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Information on CVRI Co-Sponsorship of Cardiovascular Seminars can be found on the Application for Visiting Professor Funding.

Internal Grant or Biosketch Review

CVRI provides internal review of grant applications and biosketches to support cardiovascular research. E-mail CVRI for more information.  *NOTE: The request for internal review must be made at least 6 weeks before the submission deadline. Please include the funding mechanism to which you are applying for.

CVRI Travel Awards

CVRI travel awards are available to support trainees and junior investigators presenting abstracts at regional and national scientific meetings.  These competitive awards are for reimbursement of presentation-related expenses of up to $2,000 and offered on a limited rolling basis throughout the academic calendar year; more details can be found on the application for funding.

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E-mail CVRI with your specific research interests and request for current mentorship opportunities.  Be sure to review CVRI's Board of Directors, Distinguised Investigators and Early Career Advisory Committee roster as a starting point for reseach interests.