Graduate Programs

Our department offers excellent opportunities for students interested in persuing a graduate degree in Pharmacology. We educate undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows, giving ample opportunities for interaction with faculty researchers. Our faculty's research interests are diverse, with special emphasis on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmacology, physiology, neurovascular coupling, signal transduction, and medicinal chemistry/cancer chemotherapy. To see individual labs and their specific research interests please see the research portion of our website.

Our students participate in the following activities:

Master's in Pharmacology

Students can complete our traditional Master of Science in Pharmacology Program or our new Accelerated Master's Degree Program (AMP) in Pharmacology. Both of these programs have thesis-based and course-based degree options.

Master's in Pharmacology Review

Accelerated Master's in Pharmacology Review

Ph.D. Program

The Department of Pharmacology offers a focus of study within the Cell Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. The "Pharmacology and Physiology Training Area" within the CMB program offers specialized course work and research focused on Pharmacology.

Career Options in Pharmacology

In today's competitive job market, it is essential to choose the appropriate training for your future goals. Graduate degrees in Pharmacology will prepare you for a broad range of careers including positions at biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, research universities, and government agencies, such as the NIH, Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency. The advantage of a pharmacology program over basic biological sciences is the emphasis on drug interactions with cellular mechanisms. Thus, students gain an appreciation for scientific applications in a clinical setting, which is a desired trait for potential candidates in pharmaceutical companies and is helpful in obtaining funding for biomedical research proposals.