Undergraduate Program Requirements

Program requirements are specific to the year that you started at UVM. Below you will find links to MMG advising forms, learning goals, internship guidelines and the undergraduate research project form. 

If you need assistance accessing any of the forms or requirements, please contact us

Advising Forms:

(Please select the form from the year you started at UVM)

MMG Advising Form 2021-2022

MMG Advising Form 2020-2021

MMG Advising Form 2019-2020

MMG Advising Form 2018-2019

MMG Advising Form 2017-2018

MMG Advising Form 2016-2017

MMG Advising Form 2015-2016

MMG Advising Form 2014-2015

If you began your studies at UVM prior to 2014, please contact us for the appropriate advising form.

Learning Goals

Microbiology: Microbiology Learning Goals

Molecular Genetics: Molecular Genetics Learning Goals

Undergraduate Research Cover Sheet

UG Research Syllabus and Cover Sheet - 2021


Mari Tomanelli Molecular Genetics 2019

"Students have the advantage of actually getting to know their advisors, professors, and classmates very well throughout their time in the MMG program. I wholeheartedly know that the support I received, the quality of the classes I took, and relationships I’ve made in the department are unparalleled when compared to any other program at UVM. I wouldn’t give up my time in the MMG department for anything!"

     -Mari (Molecular Genetics '19)