Beth D. Kirkpatrick, M.D.Department Chair(802) 656-1121Email
Emily Bruce, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-9069Email
Jean Celli, Ph.D.Professor(802)656-0727Email
Alan Chant, Ph.D.Assistant Professor Email
Nimrat Chatterjee, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-1714Email
Sean A. Diehl, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-9860Email
Sylvie Doublié, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-9531Email
Julie Dragon, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-7777Email
Brian Eckenroth, Ph.D.Faculty Scientist(802) 656-9533Email
Rebecca Guy, Ph.D.Instructor(802) 656-0941Email
Karin Hodge, M.A.Instructor(802) 656-0830Email
Leigh Knodler, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802)656-0726Email
Bruno Martorelli Di Genova, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-4229Email
Tony Mertz, Ph.D.Faculty Scientist Email
Janet Murray, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-8255
Steve Roberts, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-3502Email
Princess, Rodriguez, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-9673Email
Marni Slavik, PhDFaculty Scientist(802) 656-0016Email
Menelaos Symeonides, Ph.D. Assistant Professor(802) 656-1161Email
Markus Thali, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-1056Email
Gary Ward, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-4868Email
Matthew Wargo, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 846-1115Email
Secondary Appointments
Jason Botten, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-9795Email
Ralph Budd, M.D.Professor(802) 656-2286Email
Barry Finette, Ph.DProfessor(802) 656-0936Email
Christopher Francklyn, Ph.DProfessor(802) 656-8292Email
Nicholas Heintz, Ph.DProfessor Emeritus(802) 656-0372Email
Christopher Huston, M.D.Professor(802) 656-9115Email
Benjamin Lee, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-7748Email
Leslie Parise, Ph.D.Professor, Dean of CALS(802) 656-0137Email
Kristen Pierce, M.D.Professor(802) 656-7765Email
Mary Tierney, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-0434Email
Emeriti Faculty
Gregory Michael Gilmartin Ph.D.Associate Professor EmeritusEmail 
Joyce Heckman, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmail 
Douglas Johnson, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmail 
Keith Mintz, Ph.D.Associate Professor EmeritusEmail 
David Pederson, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmail 
Brenda Tessmann, M.S., M.T. (ASCP)Assistant ProfessorEmail


Susan Wallace, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Adjunct Faculty
Gerard Bouffard, Ph.DAssistant Professor (301) 435-6154Email
Aimee Shen, Ph.D.Assistant Professor (617) 636-3792Email
Joann Sweasy, Ph.D.Professor(203) 737-2626
Post Doctoral Associates/Fellows 
Punsiri Colonne, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate(802) 656-8587Email
Andrea Foote, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email
Jessica Nava Galeana, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate(802) 656-0730Email
Research Staff 
Mohammad Masud AlamResearch Specialist(802) 656-8172Email
April AverillLab Research Technician Senior(802) 656-8862Email
Ramiro Barrantes-ReynoldsInformation Tech Specialist Email
Marya CarmolliLab Research Technician Senior (802) 656-7717Email
Dorothy DicksonStatistician(802) 656-9296Email
Nancy GrahamLab Research Technician(802) 656-8690Email
Patrick HarveyResearch Specialist(802) 656-9296Email
Rebecca HibbardClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-0016Email
Eva JessupClinical Research Assistant(802) 656-0016Email
Anne KelsenLab Research Technician Senior(802) 656-1146Email
Lisa KromerResearch Specialist(802) 656-0013Email
Hannah KubinskiLab Research Technician(802) 656-9069Email
Owen KulpLab Research Technician(802) 656-9531Email
Patricia LuttonSr. Clinical Research Coordinator (802) 847-3837Email
Ben McElvanyLab Research Technician Senior(802) 656-0016Email
Gabriel MessinaLab Research Technician(802) 656-4230Email
Isabelle MittelstadtLab Research Technician Email
Forida NazibLab Research Technician(802) 656-0016Email
Emilia NorbergLab Research Technician(802) 656-0726Email
Anwen RobertsLab Research Technician(802) 656-8587Email
Kristin SchutzLab Research Technician Senior(802) 656-5852Email
Casey SpencerLab Research Technician Senior(802) 656-0313Email
Cassandra VentroneLab Research Technician(802) 656-0016Email
Mary Claire Walsh, PAStudy Clinician/Researcher/Analyst(802) 656-7764Email
Sunday WhipkeyClinical Research Assistant/Recruiter
(802) 656-0013
Lynn WilletteResearch Assistant(802) 656-8256Email

Megan BartlettDepartment Administrator(802) 656-1121Email
Linda GregoireOffice/Program Support Generalist(802) 656-7768Email
Cameron IsheeProgram Support Generalist(802) 656-2164Email
Diane Richer
Business Support Generalist
(802) 656-8182
Maiya Avisata-Sullivan
HR Coordinator
(802) 656-0936Email
Francesca Werenko
Research Administrator
(802) 656-4446
Graduate Students
Christopher CollinsGraduate Student Email
Cameron CorderoGraduate Student Email
Margo CoxonGraduate Student Email
Hannah DespresGraduate Student Email
Pauline DigianivittorioGraduate Student(802) 846-1115Email
Lea DrogalisGraduate Student(802) 656-9533Email
Amber GoernerGraduate Student Email
Alyssa HurleyGraduate Student Email
Kanao IkehGraduate Student Email
Vanessa LopezGraduate Student Email
Jacob MackinderGraduate Student Email
Frances Male Graduate Student(802) 656-1146Email
Anne SnyderGraduate Student(802) 656-1146Email
Brittany Vandenberg
Graduate Student Email
Joshua VictorGraduate Student Email


The Vaccine Testing Center's Directory can be found with this link.