MMG Courses


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MMG Course Information

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We teach the following undergraduate courses (R=Required):

MMG 001: First-Year Colloquium for MMG majors (R)
MMG 002: Unseen Worlds – Microbes and You (R)
MMG 065: Microbiology (Nursing Students)
MMG 101: Microbiology and Infectious Disease (R)
MMG 104: SU: Introduction to Recombinant DNA technology (R)
MMG 106: Introduction to Biomedical Research Methods (R)
MMG 196: Molecular Cell Biology (R)
MMG 205: Biochemistry (1 semester) (R)
MMG 201: Molecular Cloning Lab 
MMG 203: Mammalian Cell & Molecular Biology Lab 
MMG 211: Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics (R)
MMG 220: Environmental Microbiology
MMG 222: Advanced Medical Microbiology
MMG 223: Immunology
MMG 225: Eukaryotic Virology
MMG 230: D2: SU: Advanced Studies on Emerging Infectious Diseases
MMG 231: Programming for Bioinformatics
MMG 232: Methods in Bioinformatics
MMG 233: Genetics & Genomics (R)
MMG 240: Macromolecular Structures of Proteins & Nucleic Acids
MMG 195,196: Internships; Teaching Assistants
MMG 197,198: Undergraduate Research
MMG 297,298: Advanced Undergraduate Research