• Webinar on Taxes: Tax time arrives every year and it often comes with different laws—as well as different financial situations to consider. To help you prepare, the AAMC is offering a webinar on Taxes on March 16, 2017 at 3 PM EST. This webinar will help you prepare for tax season and identify salient tax related information that a student (or soon to be graduate) should know. After the webinar, you will have a solid understanding of relevant and critical tax information. Register for this webinar online. With questions please contact Kari Brayden.
  • OMSE Staffing Updates: On Monday, March 6th welcome Colleen Case to our team as our new Administrative Assistant, serving students at the OMSE front desk. Don’t worry, Jessie Raven is not leaving us; she will continue working in the office as a temporary full time Foundations Coordinator. Please join OMSE in welcoming Colleen and congratulating Jessie! Contact the Office of Medical Student Education with any questions.
  • UVM Housing & Meal Plan Options: OMSE was asked to investigate UVM housing and meal plan options for medical students. This information is both available at UVM Res Life and UVM Dining Services. Students can sign up for a meal plan and on campus housing would depend upon availability after all required students are housed and their ability to sign a 9 month contract.  However there is also off-campus, affiliate housing available to graduate students.  Please feel free to refer students to Residential Life or UVM Dining Services if they have questions. UVM Dining Services actually has a specific page for Medical & Graduate Meal Plans. UVM Res Life has information regarding Off-Campus Housing – Affiliate Housing and how to get housing.  For more information you can view the UVM Res Life Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms & Conditions. Please let the Office of Medical Student Education know if you have any questions.
  • Reserving Med Ed Rooms: Please enjoy our Guide for Booking Med Ed Rooms; students can book their own Med Ed rooms for meetings/events/group meetings. When reserving rooms, you need to do it from your personal calendar: create the event and invite the room. If the event is open to UVMLCOM Community/Students, you can also invite the "COM Student Activities Calendar" to your event to get it posted to our activities calendar/events webpage. If you wish to reserve non-Med Ed space (i.e. HSRF rooms), please EMAIL the event details (template found in the reserving rooms guide) to studentCOMservices@med.uvm.edu; Student Services is happy to reserve non-Med Ed rooms on behalf of students. If you wish to advertise in the WeeklyWire, you must EMAIL the posting to studentCOMservices@med.uvm.edu as you would like it to appear, and please indicate which classes you would like to target. Should you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Student Education.

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Policy 540.30 - Grading: Foundations (Approved by MCC on Tuesday, February 21, 2017)

Policy Statement
  1. All courses in Foundations use the grades of Pass and Fail.
  2. Students must pass each institutional competency that is assessed in a course as defined in the course’s syllabus in order to pass the course.  Any one competency in which they receive a failing grade must be remediated according to the Review of Academic Performance: Foundations policy.
  3. For courses that include a clinical skills component, the following policies apply:
    1. The Clinical Skills portion of a course will be graded as Pass or Fail.
    2. A student must pass all domains of the CSE to receive a passing grade.
    3. Failure to pass the CSE on the first attempt results in an incomplete.  Failure to pass the CSE on the second attempt results in failing the course. A student who receives an incomplete must remediate and retake the CSE within two weeks of notification of their CSE grade.  A student will be notified, via email, by the course director of their CSE grade.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Clinical Simulation Lab to schedule remediation.
    4. A student must receive a passing CSE grade to pass the course.
  4. Some course components include mandatory attendance.  Course Directors will communicate attendance policies in the syllabus.
  5. The course syllabus will indicate policies regarding completion of course assignments, including the matter of whether or not collaborating and communicating with classmates in the completion of an assignment is expected, recommended, optional, or forbidden.
  6. Grades in all Foundations courses will be assigned based on the following numerical scale:
    1. Pass: 70.00 or above
    2. Fail: Below 70.00
  7. Students that receive a final course grade between 70.00 – 74.99 will receive notice that their grade is considered a Marginal Pass by the Larner College of Medicine. The Marginal Pass grade is a formative grade that does not appear on the official UVM transcript, but is recorded in the student’s Larner College of Medicine file and is reviewed by the Committee on Advancement in its evaluation of student progress.
  8. The process for appealing a grade is specified in the Grade Appeals policy.
  9. All students’ Foundations grades are routinely reviewed by the Committee on Advancement as specified in Review of Academic Progress: Foundations policy.
Foundations Post-Exam Review and Re-Grading of Exams

Each secure examination in Foundations will be subjected to a post-exam item performance analysis.
Statistical analysis of the performance of the class on each question to determine quality and fairness of exam items will be used. This analysis may result in removal of invalid items from the exam with subsequent rescoring.

End of Foundations Clinical Skills Examination

To be eligible to take the End of Foundations exam, all required Foundations course work must be successfully completed.  Students must pass the End of Foundations CSE before they can advance to the Clerkship Level.  Failure on the first attempt requires remediation and a retake of the exam.  Failure on the second attempt requires review by the Committee on Advancement.

View this policy and others in the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at the University of Vermont Medical Student Handbook, NOW ONLINE >>

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Class of 2017

  • APPROACHING DEADLINE - Official Registration is Now Open for the Larner College of Medicine Class of 2017 Dinner (evening before Match Day!) hosted by the UVM Medical Alumni Association: The UVM Medical Alumni Association invites you and one guest to attend the Class of 2017 Dinner. The dinner is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2017 (the night before Match Day!) at UVM's Davis Student Center, 4th floor Grand Maple Ballroom. The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a reception, followed by a seated dinner and program. Register to attend today! (Please note: Students and family members please coordinate before registering to avoid duplicate registrations) Kindly respond by March 9, 2017. Please contact Cristin Gildea, Director of the Alumni Relations, with any questions.
  • APPROACHING DEADLINE - Scholarship Opportunities: Two scholarship opportunities are available for current fourth-year students. Please review the full descriptions linked below and submit the application materials (an essay and CV) to Kari Brayden by Friday, March 10, 2017 if you are interested and fulfill the requirements. Contact Kari Brayden, Medical Student Financial Services Coordinator, with any questions.
  • End of the Year Banquet Video Call for Talent/Funzies: Hi Fourth Years! Andy Liu and Mohammad Mertaban are going to be coordinating a video for the End of the Year Banquet (formerly known as the Osler Banquet). We are giving it a new name this year because previously there was a notion that this banquet was only for 4th years when, in reality, it is a celebration for the entire school. Thus, we are going to be making our own video for our own class. If you would like to help create, act, plan, this video, please email mohammad.mertaban@med.uvm.edu and chi-anh.liu@med.uvm.edu. We are going to need a lot of people (30+) to help so I encourage you all to participate! If you don’t want to help in planning or acting, then please email Mohammad and Andy your ideas, nonetheless. We need lots of ideas to make this video memorable and hilarious!
  • Match Week Info will run under the University Opportunities section of the WeeklyWire!
  • Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®): SOAP® is the process through which positions offered by unfilled programs are accepted by unmatched applicants during Match Week supported by the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) and the NRMP®. The AAMC’s ERAS team (@ERASinfo) will host a #SOAP2017 Twitter chat with the NRMP (@TheNRMP) on March 8, from 2-3 pm ET to answer any questions you may have about the process. Check out the 2017 SOAP schedule for a detailed timeline of the SOAP process.
  • AAMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ): On Tuesday, February 14, all graduating members of the Class of 2017 should have received an invitation email to participate in the GQ. Weekly drawings will occur for fun prizes! Read more...
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Free Webinar: The main loan servicing branch of the Dept. of Education, Fed Loan Servicing, will be hosting a free webinar specifically for medical/health professionals regarding a popular loan repayment benefit, Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  The webinar session will be Thursday, March 30 at 6:30 PM (EST) for one hour. If interested, please register online, now. To read about the program first and to see if you may qualify (many do as 80% of hospitals are nonprofit!), visit the informational webpage. With questions, please contact Kari Brayden, LCOM Student Financial Services.

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Class of 2018

  • DEADLINE THIS WEEK - GHHS Nominations Survey: The survey to nominate your classmates for the Larner College of Medicine Gold Humanism Honor Society is currently open. If you are eligible for GHHS this year, you will have received an invitation to participate in the survey via a direct email invitation via UVM LimeSurvey. The deadline to submit is by 11:59 PM, February 27, 2017. Please contact the Student Services Team if you have any questions.
  • DEADLINE THIS WEEK - Visiting Clerkship Program @HMS: We are pleased to announce that the Minority Faculty Development Program within the Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership of Harvard Medical School is sponsoring the Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) for medical students, particularly targeting African-American, Hispanic/Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native students in their fourth year of medical school. The first application deadline is February 28th for the May 30 - June 25 rotation. Read more...
  • Michigan Health Equity Visiting Clerkship: The Office of Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) at Michigan Medicine invites interested medical students to apply to the Michigan Health Equity Visiting Clerkship Program. Medical Students in their final year of medical school with a career interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion may apply for the 4 week visiting clerkship. Read more... 

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Class of 2019

  • No announcements for this class. Best of luck with the Step 1 Studying and the exam! We miss you.

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Class of 2020

  • DEADLINE THIS WEEK - 2017 Innovation Internship: University of Vermont Medical Group: The University of Vermont Medical Group is seeking highly creative, ambitious, and qualified people to join our team for several summer 2017 internships in the Innovation Lab, a new strategic initiative which is focused on innovating healthcare services in our community to improve people's lives. This internship will expose you to the rapidly changing healthcare industry. You will have the opportunity to work with a highly skilled team of collaborators at the frontier of healthcare innovation on projects that improve the lives of our customers. Working side by side with our expert innovation team, you will make significant impact on the implementation and outcomes of the Innovation Program. Read more on the full position posting. The application deadline is March 03, 2017. Please contact Emilee.Hoffman@uvmhealth.org with any questions.
  • DEADLINE THIS WEEK - Summer Opportunity - Jeanne Spurlock Minority Medical Student Research Fellowships in Substance Abuse and Addiction: Supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (award availability contingent upon funding from sponsor), the Jeanne Spurlock Minority Medical Student Research Fellowship provides up to $4,000 for 8-12 weeks of research training in substance abuse and addiction under a mentor with extensive experience in the type of research that is being proposed, and whose work includes children and adolescents participants. This program also provides additional travel for required attendance to AACAP's 64th Annual Meeting in Washington DC in October 2017. Applications are considered from African-American, Native American, Alaskan Native, Mexican American, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islander students in accredited U.S. medical schools or students whose research will focus on minorities. The application deadline is March 03, 2017.
  • DEADLINE THIS WEEK - Summer Opportunity - Summer Medical Student Fellowships in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Supported by AACAP's Campaign for America's Kids (CFAK), The Summer Medical Student Fellowship provides up to $3,500 for 12 weeks of clinical or research training under a child and adolescent psychiatrist mentor. This program also provides additional travel funds for the required attendance of award recipients to the 64th AACAP Annual Meeting in Washington DC in October 2017. The application deadline is March 03, 2017.
  • THIS WEEK - Convocation of Thanks planning committee: The next Convocation of Thanks planning committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 27th, in Med Ed 307. We are still looking for help so please join us. The Convocation of Thanks Ceremony is scheduled for April 30th to thank our anatomical donors. Hope to see you there. Please contact Dr. Sarah McCarthy with any questions.
  • Arnold P. Gold Foundation Student Summer Fellowship: The Student Summer Fellowship program offers opportunities for medical students to complete a domestic or international research or service project related to community health. Projects must be focused on studying cultural competency issues, developing skills to become relationship-centered physicians, and addressing a public health need in an under-served community or population. The Fellowship award includes a stipend of up to $4,000 for a 10-week project. Medical students at accredited U.S. or Canadian schools of allopathy or osteopathy may apply for either the Research or Service Fellowships. Applications and full details for the 2017 Student Summer Fellowship are now available on our website. Deadline for submission: March 20, 2017.
  • Larner College of Medicine Diversity & Inclusion Internship, Summer 2017: The Larner College of Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion is offering a six-week internship during the summer of 2017 for a medical student who will have completed their first year of training. This summer internship will provide an opportunity to learn more about how diversity, inclusion and principles of social justice can positively influence medical education and the intern will learn more about strategies for incorporating these principles into the culture and curriculum at the Larner College of Medicine. Application deadline is March 20, 2017. Read more...

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LARNER COMcares Opportunities 

THIS WEEK - Special Olympics Winter Games

Special Olympics Vermont is looking for volunteers to help at the Winter Games taking place March 3-5 at Suicide Six Ski Area in Pomfret, VT. Help host a fun-filled, action-packed games for the athletes, coaches, and unified partners! Please SIGN UP ONLINE, TODAY. Contact Sarah Kelso (co2017) with any questions.

DODGEBALL – United Way

United Way of Northwest Vermont is gearing up for its 5th Annual Play United Dodgeball Tournament on April 2, in St. Albans.  Volunteers can help set up, run the snack bar, keep score, clean up, and share a day of fun, healthy competition and share information.  Contact Amanda Elcan at 861-7816 or email Amanda@unitedwaynwvt.org.

A FRIENDLY VISIT – Cathedral Square Corporation

Cathedral Square Corporation is seeking a male volunteer to spend time playing games or working on adult coloring with a homebound gentleman in the Williston community.  A great opportunity to build a lifelong relationship and give a caregiver some respite.  Contact Beth Alpert at 859-8819 or email alpert@cathedralsquare.org.

REACHING OUT – Habitat for Humanity

GreenMountain Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to help them communicate with civic groups, churches and businesses.  Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of marketing and communications.  Flexible time commitment.  Contact David Mullin at 872-8726 or email dmullin@vermonthabitat.org.

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for this year's College of Medicine talent show, it's going to be HUGE! To all of the many hidden talents out there, the show will be Wednesday, March 15th. You can sign up to take part in this fun opportunity by contacting Liz O'Neill (co2020) with your talent and participant names! Deadline to submit is March 1!


Stop by the month-long traveling Smithsonian Exhibition at Burlington’s Fletcher Free Library, “Exploring Human Origins: What does it mean to be human?” to hear Drs. Leonard and Macauley speak on Feb. 28th and March 14th respectively (see below for topic information). Please feel free to share the event with your colleagues, friends and family.

  • THIS WEEK - "GENOMICS: INSIGHTS INTO OUR DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES": Tuesday, February 28, 6:30 pm, in the Fletcher Room, presented by Dr. Debora Leonard, Chair and Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UVM Larner College of Medicine and UVM Medical Center
  • ON DECK - “THE ETHICS OF END-OF-LIFE CARE”: Tuesday, March 14, 6:30 pm, in the Fletcher Room, presented by Dr. Robert Macauley, Medical Director, Clinical Ethics and Pediatric Palliative Medicine, UVM Medical Center and Professor of Pediatrics, UVM Larner College of Medicine

The Fletcher Free Library was selected as one of 19 public libraries nationwide to host the Exploring Human Origins: What Does it Mean to be Human? traveling exhibition, which is organized by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the American Library Association Public Programs Office.  This project was made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and support from the Peter Buck Human Origins Fund.

Through panels, interactive kiosks, interactive displays, and videos, the exhibition invites audiences to explore milestones in the evolutionary journey of becoming human — from walking upright, creating technology and eating new foods, to brain enlargement and the development of symbolic language and complex societies — advancements that define the unique position of humans in the history of life. Explore the web site!

Match Week is March 13 - March 17!

Please see below for a few announcements regarding  AAMC Match Week activities:

  • Match Week on Social Media: The AAMC, National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), and American Medical Association (AMA) would like to invite you to celebrate Match Week with us. Match Week for the 2017 Main Residency Match will take place March 13-17. Throughout the week, we encourage you to share congratulatory messages with photos and videos of students, faculty, and staff taking part in festivities by using #Match2017. You can follow the celebration on our joint #Match2017 Tagboard and Storify pages. The AAMC will also be creating a YouTube playlist of Match Day videos and a Facebook album with photos from across the country. Please send your content to Stephanie Weiner at sweiner@aamc.org. Last year #Match2016 was a top trend on Twitter on Match Day. Our best wishes for a successful Match Week!
  • Match Day Viewing Celebration: AAMC staff are preparing for our annual Match Day viewing celebration! On Match Day, staff will gather in a conference room wearing their alma mater gear to learn more about the match, watch webcasts of match ceremonies around the country, eat cake, and otherwise share in the celebration. We will be alternating webcasts to witness the varied Match Day ceremonies and special traditions. The Larner College of Medicine Live Stream link will be posted on the OMSE Match Day webpage as soon as it is available.

Save the Date: Annual Specimen Cup!

The Athletics SIG would like to announce that the annual Specimen Cup will be held March 18th, from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, at Gutterson Fieldhouse (UVM Athletic Campus). The Specimen Cup is an annual hockey game between our UVM Larner COM community and our colleagues at the Dartmouth Geisel SOM. The game is a charity event in honor of former UVMLCOM faculty member Bruce Fonda, with donation proceeds going toward the Vermont Respite House. The event is hosted by the Athletics SIG and is a great opportunity for community members to come out and show their school pride, as well as form new relationships with our colleagues at Dartmouth. UVM currently has a several year winning streak, however the last two years have been close games, decided by only 1 goal. The Specimen Cup trophy is on display in the Given Courtyard under the stairs between the North and South buildings.

Come out and support your classmates and colleagues as we try to bring the trophy home for another year! Please contact Benjamin Albertson (co2017) with any questions.

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DEADLINE THIS WEEK - NEGEA Student and Resident Travel Stipends

NEGEA Student Travel Stipends support students to attend the Annual NEGEA Conference. The amount of 2017 travel stipends is $400, which is meant to (partially) cover expenses related to attendance at the Annual NEGEA Conference, such as registration fee, travel, and lodging.  Up to 10 travel stipends will be awarded.

Any student or resident currently within an NEGEA-affiliated institution who will attend the 2017 NEGEA Education Retreat is eligible to apply for a travel stipend. Awards will be considered for those with accepted abstracts and who will serve as the primary presenter of their work. If you are interested in applying, please review the application instructions and an NEGEA flyer. The application deadline is March 01, 2017. 

DEADLINE THIS WEEK - William B. Bean Student Research Award sponsored by the American Osler Society, Inc.

The William B. Bean Student Research Award is an excellent opportunity for medical students to engage in supported research with a mentor. The research award is $1500 and the deadline for submission of applications is March 01, 2017. If you are interested, or would like more information, please review the full award announcement. Application materials can be sent via email to Renee Ziemer, AOS Administrator.

DEADLINE THIS WEEK - HealthCare Leadership School

Are you a young professional who is passionate about improving healthcare? Do you believe change comes from within, and are you willing to enact the change you envision? The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.

The Healthcare Leadership School is a week where healthcare students and healthcare professionals are offered a platform for personal development. Participants from all over the world come together to create a community, share stories, passions and dreams, attend interactive peer-education sessions and learn how to create sustainable change. This school offers them tools and inspires them to be pro-active, conscious and compassionate healthcare workers. 
If you want to change healthcare for the better in collaboration with medical students and professionals from all over the world, find out more about the Healthcare Leadership School online and apply online before March 1st.

THIS WEEK - 3rd annual Northeast Medical Student Queer Alliance Summit

On March 4th, Fenway Health (the LGBTQ health center in Boston) will be hosting the 3rd annual Northeast Medical Student Queer Alliance Summit! This is an opportunity for medical students across the northeast to collaborate to promote LGBTQ education, research and community at their respective institutions. There will also be a networking dinner the evening before, for students and residents interested in careers in LGBTQ health. Please feel free to review/print/share the event flyer! The UVM COM Gender & Sexuality Alliance will be coordinating rides down to Boston. If interested, please contact Eli Goldberg (co2020). You can register for the dinner online.

New Research Emphasis

Beginning March 20th, in the evening, a new Research Emphasis will be offered to Medical Students. This optional Emphasis will be offered jointly to Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Medicine students. It will include several components including a 2-year monthly curriculum, quarterly journal clubs, opportunities to participate in "real-life" aspects of research (e.g. observe the process of clinical trial design), and resources for finding research projects and mentoring throughout the University. The 2-year curriculum will include workshops, hand-on sessions, and seminars on clinical, translational, and basic science research topics to improve your research knowledge and skills. These sessions will occur on the 3rd Monday of the month, from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM. Please email Dr. Renee Stapleton at renee.stapleton@uvm.edu if you are interested or have any questions. While there is no formal acceptance process, an “application” page will be posted shortly.

10th Annual Residency Showcase at Northwestern -- Travel Stipends Available

In partnership with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, the GME sponsor at Northwestern, will offer its 10th annual Residency Showcase on Saturday, 29 April 2017.  The primary goal of this program is to diversify the applicant pools in our residency programs.  Thus, we are particularly interested in attracting students with diverse backgrounds to attend.   Our objective is to diversify in a very holistic sense including, but not limited to:  gender, race, ethnicity, language skills, life experience, sexual orientation, religion.  The patient population in our hospitals is extremely diverse and in order to continue to provide excellent care and training we recognize the need for a diverse cohort of trainees.

The McGaw Diversity Council is again offering a limited number of stipends up to $500 for prospective residents to attend the Showcase.  These stipends are intended to defray travel expenses to and from Chicago for students McGaw has defined as underrepresented (see website for program-specific criteria).  Please help us spread the word to your medical students who will be graduating in 2018.  Applications for the stipends are to be submitted online and are due no later than 20 March 2017. Read More... 

AAMC/CiM Clinical and Research Opportunities Database

This is a reminder that the Clinical and Research Opportunities Database is available on the Careers in Medicine® website.  It contains information about summer and year round programs in the United States and abroad that are available to medical students looking to gain valuable research and clinical experience in a desired specialty or scientific area. The database allows you to search by program type, specialty or topic, program duration and country, and includes fellowships, internships, scholarships, and grants.  A short description of the program is presented along with a link to the program’s website for further information.  The Clinical and Research Opportunities data base can be found on the CiM website (aamc.org/cim) under Choose Your Specialty > Explore Options > Clinical and Research Opportunities.  Or, access the database directly (you must have a CiM account to access the resource). Please contact clinicalandresearchopportunities@aamc.org with any questions.

Maltepe University International Student Congress

We are honored to invite you to Maltepe University International Student Congress, which will be held on May 8-9, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The main theme of the congress will be 'Personalized Medicine' which has been a particular interest in medical sciences. We would like to meet you in the light of science as the students of Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, which aims to be "free in thought and universal in science". We are looking forward to your participation and valuable research, which will enrich this international congress. We wish to be together with you at the congress which we combine the natural beauty of our campus with a strong scientific and social program. Please contact mufom2017@maltepe.edu.tr with any questions.

Kenneth and Bessie Ladeau Trust Scholarship Opportunity

Kenneth and Bessie Ladeau Trust Scholarship is to aid in-state ("Vermont resident") medical students preferably interested in cardiology or oncology, and have demonstrated financial need. If no Vermont residents apply, the trustees may consider New Hampshire residents. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017. Please review the scholarship announcement for further details. Please contact Kari Brayden, LCM Student Financial Services Coordinator, with any questions.

Save the Date! Annual Translating Identity Conference @ UVM

We hope the snow and ice haven't gotten you down, but if they have - we have just the message to warm you up! Please accept our warmest welcome to join us for this year's Translating Identity Conference on October 14, 2017! This year is looking to be our biggest and baddest conference yet - our committee is already working hard behind the scenes to make TIC come together, and folks like you make it all worth it.

TIC explores a wide array of topics in discourses regarding gender and transgender identities, expressions, communities, and intersections; in the past, we've facilitated sessions spanning pre-k to college education, medical care, mental health, athletics, art, and the intersectionalities of gender, class, race, etc. A one-day event, TIC has numerous sessions to choose from at any time that are directed towards people at all levels of inclusion in the trans and allied communities. This conference is a safe space for everyone to come, learn, and enjoy themselves!
For fifteen years, TIC has been the largest (and longest-running) student-run conference on campus. Our 2016 keynote was Kat Blaque, a feminist YouTuber, illustrator, animator, and writer who contributes to Everyday Feminism, Pride.com, and Huffington Post and has appeared on Buzzfeed, MTV News and MTV's Decoded. Those are big shoes to fill, but this year will not disappoint!
Be on the lookout for information on how to propose a workshop, become a vendor, and register to attend (it's free). Check out our website at uvm.edu/translatingidentity for information as it becomes available. As always, feel free to reach out and drop us a line any time at tic@uvm.edu - we rely on your feedback to make TIC the best it can be.

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Arnold P. Gold Foundation Hope Babette Tang Humanism in Healthcare Essay Contest

The 2017 Hope Babette Tang Humanism in Healthcare Essay Contest encourages medical students to engage in a reflective writing exercise around a prompt or quote related to humanism in medicine. Winning essays are published in Academic Medicine, the official journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and are eligible to win up to $1,000.

This year, students are asked to reflect on the following quote and respond to the writing prompt with an original essay of 1,000 words or less: "Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity." (Pema Chodron) Using the quote as a reflective prompt, write an essay based on a true story or anecdote that illustrates an experience where you or a team member worked to ensure that humanism (compassionate, collaborative, scientifically excellent care) was at the core of medical practice. Deadline for submission: March 24, 2017.

2017 Stanley M. Kaplan Essay Award for Medical Students

Entries may include topical essays, case reports, review articles, or original research that was conducted in medical school for which the student was first author (first author essays must have been published within the past 12 months of date of current submission).  Entries will be judged on creativity, knowledge of psychiatry, style, and contribution to understanding important problems in any of the biological, psychological, or social dimensions of psychiatry. The winner will receive a cash prize of $500 and two runners-up will be awarded $250 each. Winners will be announced in October, 2017. The submission deadline is JUNE 30, 2017. Read more...


We, at Grant Medical Journals, initiate a call for research papers in all areas of medical sciences, every month. From original research papers, survey papers, case studies and academic or scholarly articles to extended versions of previously published papers in conferences, scholarly journal or academic peer reviewed international journals, we welcome high quality work that focuses on research, development and application in the aforesaid area. Read more...

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Lost something? Email the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE) a description of the item, where and when it was last seen, and who to contact if someone finds the item, and we will happily post it here!


Please visit the Office of Medical Education, in Given Courtyard N100, if one of the following items is yours (items left unclaimed for more than three weeks will be left as freebies in the student lounge):

  • Turquoise- and green-with-flecks-of-other-colors-striped knit scarf (looks homemade)
  • Floral-print Skida winter cap
  • Black LL Bean Camelbak water bottle
  • 15 tickets to the local theater in need of a home. Enter for your chance to claim one, now! Thank you for the 58 WeeklyWire reading rockstars who played last week! Contact Student Services with any questions.
  • Dark gray, fleece-lined Weatherproof Vintage hoodie sweatshirt

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Home for rent

Three bedroom home, approximately 1000 square feet in quiet South Burlington neighborhood, $1800/month (plus utilities). Close to supermarkets, great schools, and only a 10 minute drive to UVM. Off street parking, no pets, non-smoker. References, credit check required. Contact Meghan at 585-747-3719 or email groth.meghan@gmail.com if interested.

Master Bedroom for Rent - $450/month

Master bedroom available in a shared condominium with another UVM medical student. $450 per month and available now through end of July. Lease can be extended. Located in South Burlington – approximately 7-min drive to UVM and 4-min drive to nearby grocery stores. Washer and dryer in unit. Off-street parking included. No smoking. No pets. Room can be left as furnished. If you are interested, please email parkhw511@gmail.com.

Rare opportunity: Hill Section three story home, with lake and mountain views, for sale.

If you are interested, call 802-238-7897.

$800 1 Bedroom Lower Level Suite (South Burlington)

Mohammad Mertaban (co2017) is looking for a person to rent his lower level suite in his end unit condo, which will be available in March. Please visit the Craigslist posting for additional information.

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