residency250x180 Education is a top priority in the Department of Anesthesiology. Through our residency program, our faculty members prepare physicians for the independent practice of clinical anesthesia with training in all aspects of perioperative care. In addition, members of our faculty deliver skills training, lectures and direct hands-on learning in the operating room for UVM medical students, as well as for students from other medical schools throughout the country who rotate with the department. We also host student nurse anesthetists and student anesthesia assistants from schools in the New England region.

Medical Student Education

The Department provides a broad base of knowledge for medical students and in-depth training for students interested in specializing in anesthesia. Department faculty members teach two one-week sessions during Bridge Weeks in the third year of medical school. The Perioperative and Clinical Simulation Module ensures that UVM medical students develop basic acute care skills and knowledge, including basic airway management, invasive and noninvasive monitoring, and cardiovascular support. The module uses the Clinical Simulation Lab and students work closely with the anesthesia care teams in the operating rooms. The Department also teaches a fourth-year anesthesia elective.

Residents and Fellows

The Department directs postgraduate education for anesthesiology residents and hosts several pain medicine fellows every year. Visit Residency and Fellowship for more information.