Faculty and Staff

Department Chair
Melissa Davidson, M.D.Professor(802) 847-2415Email


John C. Abajian, M.D.Professor Emeritus(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Kevin Abnet, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Erik Anderson, M. D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Stephen Patrick Bender,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Ariel Bensimhon, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
Dani Bliss, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
Catherine M. Christenson,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Timothy Scott Dominick,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Rebecca Evans, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Borzoo Farhang, D.O.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
John Matthew Fisher,  M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Jennifer Gage, M.D.Assistant Professor (802) 847-2415Email
Akshat Gargya, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Paige Georgiadis, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Lyle Gerety, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Lydia Sophie Grondin,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Mark P. Hamlin, M.D.Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
William Hart, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Robert Hieronimus, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Mark Hoeft, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Michael Kem, M.D.Clinical Attending(802) 847-3737Email
F. Louis Kirk, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
Tiffini Jaye Lake,  M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-3737Email | Bio
Ann Frances Tuxbury Lawrence,  D.O.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
James Stephen Limanek,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Christopher Manfred, M.D.Clinical Attending(802) 847-2415Email
Gregory Manske, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Bridget Marroquin, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Jacob Martin, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Scott McQuilkin, D.O., MHPE, FASAAssistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Vincent J. Miller,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Monika Modlinski,  M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Marian Murphy, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Amy Odefey, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Stephen Edward O'Donnell, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Corey Sheahan, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Russell Shults, M.D.Clinical Attending(802) 847-2415Email
Jaspinder Sra, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Emily L. Stebbins, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
William Tharp, M.D., PhDAssistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Mitchell Hon-Bing Tsai,  M.D., MMMProfessor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Brian Waldschmidt, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Emmett Whitaker, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email|
James Wolf, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Zhu, Cheng-Cheng (Alyssa), M.D.
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-2415Email
Part-Time Clinical Faculty
Erica Belida, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Jean Brana, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Michael Bull, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Sara Church, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Karen Clark, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Tenylle Critchlow, CRNA Clinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Jennifer Danles, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Paul Dunn, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Matthew Fazio, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
John Gaydos, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Jay Ginns, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Don Harmeyer, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Nathan Horn, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Karolina Lapinska, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Terence Lynch, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Stacy McKenna, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Barry Meehan, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Karl Meisterling, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Michael Millar, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Laura Neal, CRNA
Clinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Karen Nichols, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Katie Noel, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
LisaMarie Paul, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Laurie Pearce, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Cate Quill, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Robin Rabideau, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Lindsey Roth, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Benjamin Shultes, AA (802) 847-2415Email
John Stitt, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Residents and Fellows with Part-Time Clinical Appointments
Rachel Carlson, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Vivek Chittineni, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Liana Dagdavaryan, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Richard Dobson, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Katherine Evans, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Jared Hinrichs, M.D. Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Justin Jones, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Benjamin Jorgensen, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Danielle Leahy, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Christina Litsakos, M.D. Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Christopher Mayhew, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Alexa Pflaum, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Caroline Reynolds, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Benjamin Sanofsky, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Angeli, Thawani, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Max BreidensteinResearch Assistant(802) 847-2052Email
Debra DoylePhysician Executive Assistant(802) 847-4072Email
Kellie DutraSupervisor, Anesthesiology Ops. Support Svcs.(802) 847-2717Email
Alexander FriendResearch Specialist(802) 847-4529Email
Jennifer ElliottAdministrative Assistant(802) 847-0543Email
Schayna GroleauDepartment Assistant(802) 847-0192Email
Sarah SulikowskiResidency Administrator(802) 847-0231Email