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Set against the backdrop of the remarkable changes in health care that have occurred over the last two centuries, Anesthesia At The House:  An Illustrated History of Anesthesia at the University of Vermont traces the evolution of anesthesia services and education at the University of Vermont Medical Center, the state’s only teaching hospital, and its partner, the University of Vermont College of Medicine. With over 150 archival photographs and dozens of entertaining anecdotes, Anesthesia At The House will appeal to anyone with an interest in medical or Vermont history.

Publication Date: February 2016
ISBN-13: 978­-0­-692­-59267­-0
Author: Joseph M. Kreutz, M.D.
Editor: Tim Brookes

Black Frame book Page 2From Chapter 5 - Laudable Pus: “’Oh, he’s all right,’ said the anesthetizer; ‘I couldn’t keep him quiet with the drops.’ Just then the child became perfectly limp and stopped breathing as well as squirming.”

John Wheeler

Black Frame Book Page 3From Chapter 7 - John Hazen Dodds: “On and off the field, at all times and under all circumstances, Dodds was the most quiet, unpretending and gentlemanly player imaginable. A big strapping fellow with splendid physique, a cool head and lots of speed, he should make a valuable man for the U.V.M.’s.”

Burlington News, 1894

Black Frame Book Page 4From Chapter 15 - Fluothane: “In fact, who knows but that people may some day be flocking to UVM’s College of Medicine to view a Fluothane Dome, just as thousands of visitors each year have inspected the Ether Dome at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.”

John Abajian

Black Frame Book Page 5From Chapter 17 - The Sixties: “How can you tell me I’m going to be equal if Gino has been here since the ’40s and he’s not equal yet?’ And I’ll always remember John’s reply. ‘Well, Gino doesn’t have any kids, so Gino doesn’t need the money.”

John Mazuzan

Anesthesia At The House is available for purchase from the University of Vermont Department of Anesthesiology. All proceeds from sales of the book benefit the  John Abajian-John Mazuzan Endowment Fund (aka, the Johns’ Fund), a non-profit fund established in honor of John Abajian, Jr., M.D. (UVM Anesthesia Chairman 1939-1977) and John E. Mazuzan, Jr. M.D. (UVM Anesthesia Chairman 1977-1995). For more information or to obtain copies of the book, contact the author at

Anesthesia At The House is also available at select bookstores, including the University of Vermont Bookstore, Phoenix Books, and the Flying Pig Bookstore.